How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine Into Fall & Winter

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* Cooler fall and winter weather can cause dry, itchy skin
* Transition your skin care routine from summer to fall by focusing on hydration
* Facial steaming, hydrating cleansers and more can prevent cold weather irritation

You might not always think about it, but your skin has different needs depending on the season. As we move from the glorious summer months into the colder fall and winter months, your skin will likely become dry and possibly itchy due to the lack of humidity these seasons bring.

Inevitably, when your skin changes, your skin care routine needs to change as well. In the fall and winter months, you need to focus more on hydrating your skin. Therefore, you may need to add things like a hydrating cleanser and facial steamer while pressing pause any products that remove oils from your skin. Of course, a lot of this depends on your skin type, but keeping these six tips in mind could help prevent the dry, itchy skin you’re used to during the drier months.

1. Switch to a Hydrating Cleanser

A lot of cleansers will dry out your skin. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to moisturize after cleansing. However, with the drier weather that fall and winter bring, your face needs all the moisture it can get. So, switching to a hydrating cleanser will make a difference to the health of your skin. This La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser is a great option. The cream cleanser maintains your skin’s pH and natural protective barrier through the inclusion of prebiotic thermal water, ceramide-3, niacinamide and glycerin.

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2. Don’t Forget to Incorporate a Hand + Cuticle Cream

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that needs moisture in the fall and winter. Your hands are often more susceptible to a lack of humidity and the frigid temps than anything else. Give those bad boys the treatment they deserve with the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer. The rich formula transforms dry, chapped hands and unsightly cuticles to leave you with smooth, soft extremities.

fall transition jack black hand healer Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Invest in a Thicker Moisturizer

If you suffer from dry, intolerable skin even after using face cream daily, it’s likely that your moisturizer isn’t thick enough. Rich moisturizers form a more protective layer over your skin, therefore fending off the cold, dry air for a longer amount of time. LilyAna Naturals makes a luxuriant moisturizer that will protect your face through the end of the year. Check out their Face Cream Moisturizer to give your skin the boost it needs. As an added benefit, this cream has anti-aging properties.

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4. Use an Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion

So far, we’ve discussed moisturizing your face and your hands, but the rest of your skin is going to need some TLC this winter, too. No one enjoys the itchy, dry feeling a long winter can bring. Don’t start scratching all the wrong places. Invest in the Weleda Hydrating Body Lotion and keep your whole body perfectly moisturized throughout the fall and winter. Made with coconut oil, aloe leaf juice and sesame seed oil, this body lotion boasts a fresh lemon scent that will remind you spring is just around the corner.

weleda body lotion Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Don’t Neglect SPF

You might not be lying on the beach trying to get a tan in the winter, but the sun still has negative (and downright dangerous) effects on the skin during the colder months. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t neglect SPF after summer ends. The La Roche-Posay face sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 60 protection is ultra-light and absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s ideal for use under makeup and will protect your skin from UVA, UVB and free radicals.

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6. Try Using a Facial Steamer

Facial steaming has so many benefits. It’s a form of self-care that works wonders for your skin. Namely, the warm steam gently cleanses your skin by softening and removing impurities. It can also promote circulation and hydrate dry skin. All of that is great any time of the year, but during the winter, this type of facial treatment is downright luxurious. Get all these benefits and more with the spa-like Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer.

nanosteamer face steamer pure daily care Image courtesy of Amazon

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