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Weekend Debrief: The 5 Most Popular Style Stories Of The Week

* New year, new products and style resolutions to try out
* Resolve to take better care of your hair and skin, especially during winter
* See an easy hack to tackle a gross problem

It’s 2019. You’ve made it to another year. And while this is the time of year where people make a ton of resolutions about losing weight or eating better or learning a new hobby, we think you should also resolve to take better care of your hair, skin and body this year.

With the harsh winter air and our day to day stress all wreaking havoc, you’d do well to give yourself some TLC. We’ve rounded up five ways to do just that. Order these products online and give ’em a try. Your hair, face and body will thank you.

1. Get Glowing Skin and Amp Up Your Moisturizer With These Light Facial Oils

Oils sometimes get a bad rap as there are misconceptions that putting oils on your face (especially for oily skin types) will just clog pores, trap dirt and cause breakouts. But oils actually break down other oils, and using the right oils for your specific skin type can actually help balance your skin and can help to promote a reduction in oil over time.

We’ve listed some great facial oils that will work great on any skin type and have a ton of benefits, from the reduction of acne scars and dark spots to increasing skin hydration and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Best Facial Oils For Glowing Skin


2. These Shampoos Will Help Stop Your Hair From Thinning

Most men feel more confident with a full head of hair (Bruce Willis aside, perhaps). Sadly, guys also have to deal with hair thinning as we get older. The easiest way to help stop hair thinning is to switch out your shampoo for one that contains DHT blockers. This ingredient safely and effectively reduces the DHT hormone in your scalp, which is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Check out the best shampoos with DHT blockers below.

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Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair


3. The 5 Best Jade Rollers to De-Puff, De-Wrinkle and De-Stress Your Face

Jade Rollers have become one of the hottest trends in beauty over the past couple of year – and for good reason. Made with one or two jade stones, the facial massagers promote circulation in the skin, which helps to decrease the look of wrinkles and under eye circles and reduce facial swelling. Jade Rollers also help your other skin care products get better absorbed, and since beauty products aren’t known for being cost-effective, anything that helps them work is being added to our beauty regime.

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Not only do Jade Rollers have beauty benefits, some users note that using the rollers on their sinus areas offer relief from allergies and migraines. Now that’s beautiful.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and relaxing way to de-puff, de-wrinkle and de-stress your face, try adding one of these five Jade Rollers to your current skin care routine. They’re like a mini-trip to the spa. Cucumber water not included.

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The Best Jade Rollers For Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin


4. The Best Face Masks for Treating Acne

Let’s face it: for some of us, dealing with acne doesn’t get any easier with age. The reality is that many people are still battling those pesky breakouts in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Finding the right blemish treatment that’s effective but not overly-drying is almost as frustrating as the actual pimples themselves. Read ahead to see our suggestions for the best acne-fighting face masks with reliable skin-clearing properties to keep your face blemish-free.

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The Best Face Masks For Acne Prone Skin


5. If You Have Skin Tags, You Should Be Using These Scissors To Get Rid of Them

Skin tags are in a word, annoying and embarrassing. They can become irritating when rubbed by clothing, jewelry, or when they occur in areas of the skin that show signs of eczema. While they’re usually nothing to worry about, we’re not exactly thrilled when they start popping up on our skin.

Often occurring in areas of skin creases or folds, including the neck, eyelids, underarm or groin, it’s estimated that half of all adults have skin tags. The good news is that with so many people dealing with skin tags, ample research has gone into getting rid of the little annoyances and thankfully, you can usually remove them without going to the dermatologist.

If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to get rid of your skin tags, check out these specially designed scissors.

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The Best Scissors For Getting Rid of Skin Tags