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This Women’s Facial Hair Trimmer May Be Small In Size, But It’s Big On Performance

* Quickly and painlessly remove unwanted facial hair
* Gentle for even the most sensitive skin
* Runs on one AAA battery (not included)

When you’re packing for a getaway or even just the gym, the key is keeping things light and streamlined. So, when it comes to a hair removal solution, you’re probably not going to bring a whole home wax kit to tackle a bit of mono-brow growth when you’re on the go.

That’s where Panasonic’s women’s facial hair trimmer comes in. A weightless, slim wand about the size of a marker, it’s powered by a single AAA battery and easily slips into a makeup bag or even your purse.

Despite its ultra-compact size, its performance is nothing to sniff at — a round-tipped, super-thin hypoallergenic blade trims safely so it can be used on even the most sensitive skin without irritation.

A smooth, pivoting head gently follows the natural contours of your face and neck, a plus when grooming detailed areas like the upper lip, jawline — or even on the bikini line.

Two eyebrow trimmer comb attachments come included as well, making precision-shaping on par and less laborious than manual tweezing — and certainly less painful, too.

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