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Stick These “Wrinkle Strips” On Your Face To Smooth Out Fine Lines

* Anti-Wrinkle treatment
* Can be used safely with cosmetic injections and Botox
* Soften fine lines and wrinkles overnight

are a rapid anti-wrinkle treatment to temporarily reduce lines and wrinkles safely and without injections or cosmetic fillers. Made from an acrylic medical adhesive, these strips will help to smooth out fine lines in as little as 30 minutes. The wrinkle patches are transparent, hypo-allergenic, and even reusable up to 3 times.

The Facial Smoothies package contains 120 anti-wrinkle patches in 6 different shapes to fit all of the wrinkle-prone areas of your face. Simply remove the backing on the strip to expose adhesive and place anywhere you feel you might need a little ‘smoothing.’ Wear for as little as 30 minutes to start or keep them on overnight while you sleep for any deeper line softening. Another unique use for them is as a topical wrinkle filler to give you a smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup–no more lines means no more places for makeup to settle.

Smoothies are also meant as a safe Botox alternative, however, if used in conjunction with cosmetic Botox and fillers, they may even help keep the results last longer. Alternatively, you can help boost your anti-aging routine by using them with your favorite creams to seal in your moisturizers, oils and/or serums to supercharge their results.