Get Chewing on These Naturally Sweetened Xylitol Gum Brands

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If you’re concerned about what you’re putting into your body, you may want to check your favorite gum label. Most gums are made from a base that contains synthetic rubbers and plastics, a thought that may leave you gagging. Furthermore, gum can be loaded up with sugars, which we all know can cause cavities and aren’t exactly good for the old bod.

If you’re looking to cut back on sugar while opting for a more natural chew, the good news is that nowadays there are plenty of purer gum options out there on the market. When shopping, be sure to look for brands that steer clear of artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which has been linked to heart disease and can lead to obesity.

There are lots of natural sugar alternatives out there to consider. Isomalt is derived from pure beet sugar; maltitol is a sugar alcohol found naturally in some fruits and vegetables; mannitol is also found in some produce and is widely used as a diuretic; stevia is made from the leaves of the stevia plant; sorbitol is found naturally in berries and fruit like peaches and plums.

Then there’s xylitol, the sugar-free alternative commonly used to sweeten gum. The carbohydrate is found in birch trees and other fruit and is nearly as sweet as sugar but with fewer calories. It has also been found to potentially help prevent tooth decay and the buildup of plaque, which makes chewing on xylitol gum a no-brainer. (Unless you have a dog, since xylitol can be very poisonous to pups, so be sure to keep it well away from Fido.)

Ready to get chewing on some more natural, xylitol gums? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks.


1. Spry Fresh Natural Xylitol Chewing Gum Dental Defense System


The next time you’re not exactly feeling like your freshest self, just pop a piece of this all-natural xylitol gum in your mouth and keep on truckin’. Users love the bright and fresh flavor, not to mention the texture, which doesn’t fall apart like some other natural gums do. Others report the taste is subtle and not overpowering, but it leaves their mouths feeling fresh and clean after chewing. Now that’s the kind of feel-good freshness we’re talking about.

Natural SPRY gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

2. PUR Chewing Gum


If you’re looking for a more natural gum with a ton of flavor options, PUR is your best bet. The brand has covered the market with its gum profiles, which include cool mint, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, pomegranate mint, chocolate mint and wintergreen. Yup, you can now chew on a piece of sugar-free, chocolate-mint gum and not have to worry about putting artificial flavors or chemicals in your body.

Natural chocolate gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Epic 100% Xylitol-Sweetened Chewing Gum


If you’re on the go or forgot your toothbrush, pop in a piece of Epic xylitol gum instead. The brand is made exclusively with xylitol and contains no sugar, aspartame or other chemicals, and claims to be recommended by dentists and nutritionists. There are seven classic and creative flavors to choose from, including orange-mango, cinnamon and spearmint. Some users also report that the flavor in this brand lasts longer than in other brands they’ve tried, so “brushing” your teeth has never been more delicious.

Natural Epic gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Genius Gourmet Keto Chewing Gum


If you’re embarking on a keto diet and need something to help curb all of those cravings, this xylitol gum ought to do it. It’s made with natural flavors including birch xylitol sweetener and is completely aspartame-free, making it easier for you to stay in ketosis for an extended period of time. This brand also comes in three different flavors (natural peppermint, natural spearmint and citrus) to cover a variety of taste buds.

Natural KETO gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Tree Hugger Classic Bubble Gum


This natural xylitol gum features all of that sweet bubble-blowing action without any of the notorious bubble gum sugar. The classic shape and flavor is a fun throwback to the gum you probably loved as a kid, but it’s a more grown-up choice thanks to the sugar-free, non-GMO ingredients. We also love that each individually wrapped piece comes with fun facts about the planet, which is totally on-theme with the Tree Hugger branding.

Natural bubble gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Project 7 Clean Gum Spearmint Farms


Clean is right in the title of this vegan and plant-based xylitol gum, which gets its spearmint flavor from natural spearmint oil produced from American family farms. This gum is also non-GMO and naturally colored with spirulina and turmeric, which makes it a wholesome chewing choice. Add in the fact that this gum brand supports seven non-profits (another reason for the tell-all moniker), and this is definitely a purchase that you can feel good about inside and out.

Natural spearmint gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Xylichew 100% Xylitol Chewing Gum


This chemical-free xylitol gum specifically markets itself to those with dry mouths and promises to add a burst of natural, icy mint freshness to your palate. In addition to helping salivate the old tongue, this stuff is also keto-friendly and made from responsibly and sustainably harvested birch and beech trees, making it another deliciously sweet gum alternative.

Natural gum with xylitol Image courtesy of Amazon

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