Skip the Doctor’s Office and Use These Tools To Remove Small Skin Tags

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Let’s talk skin tags, the things more than half of us get and none of us want to think about. What are they, why do they happen, and most importantly, how can we get rid of them quickly and with minimal pain? We’ll get to all those things, but first, let’s be clear — you don’t have to suffer from skin tags. There are many affordable, minimally invasive and relatively painless ways to remove skin tags in the comfort of your own home (although it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before using any at-home removal products).

What to Consider Before Buying At-Home Skin Tag Removers

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Skin tags are small pieces of soft skin that hang off the body. They often begin appearing more frequently as we age, another fun aspect of getting older (come on, Mother Nature!). These benign skin growths can appear anywhere on the body and are most frequently found in skin folds, like armpits and on the neck. According to Harvard Health, there doesn’t seem to be a clear cause of skin tags, but they tend to be more prevalent in people who are overweight or have diabetes.

Skin tags may fall off naturally, but if they are located in an area that is rubbed by clothing or you find them unsightly, you can use a product at home to remove small skin tags (but always visit the doctor for skin tags near the eyes).

How We Chose the Best At-Home Skin Tag Removers

When it comes to removing skin tags, there are a variety of approaches you can take. Some solutions use salicylic acid to dry the skin tags. Others use what’s called ligation. This process uses a tight band to reduce blood flow to the skin tag, causing it to dry up and eventually drop off. Then, there are solutions that are designed to freeze the skin tag. In the interest of providing a variety of options, we’ve picked out products that use a few different approaches.

1. TagBand Skin Tag Remover

There are a variety of different ways to remove skin tags, including freezing and even the use of electric probes. The TagBand is a decidedly more low-tech but no less impressive option. The unique applicator attaches what is essentially a small rubber band to the skin tag, which then cuts off the flow of blood to the skin tag. It’s available in medium/large or smaller sizes.

Pros: Economical option. Good if you want to avoid chemicals or freezing. Each kit includes 10 bands and 10 cleansing wipes.

Cons: Only one remover tool is included, so it’s important to not lose it. Only one band size is included per kit, so if you buy the wrong size, you’ll need to buy a whole separate kit.

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TagBand Skin Tag Remover


2. Compound W Skin Tag Remover

This option from Compound W is designed to freeze the skin tag using a small handheld applicator. One of the smartest features is the “TagTarget.” The TagTarget includes stickers with holes in the middle to protect the surrounding skin area when applying the remover. It’s designed to work within two weeks of application.

Pros: Includes “TagTarget” stickers which are designed to protect the surrounding skin area. Designed to work with one single application.

Cons: Some options may be more economical than this one. Only eight applications, while others on this list can be used at least 10 times.

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Compound W Skin Tag Remover


3. Instaderm Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector

Gradually remove skin tags and reduce the appearance of small moles using the Instaderm Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector. The Instaderm is a liquid product that uses a homeopathic approach to removing skin tags. Using 25 percent salicylic acid, the highest concentration allowed, Instaderm goes deep into the skin’s layers to stop blood flow to skin tags, warts and moles. Instaderm is designed to gradually remove skin tags and leave users without a mark or scar.

Pros: Instaderm is easy to apply using the included fiber applicator brush up to twice per day on skin that is clean and dry.

Cons: Instaderm can take more than five minutes to fully dry before users can put their clothes on, which is time-consuming. Skin tags can take up to one month to fall off.

Instaderm Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector Image courtesy of Amazon

Instaderm Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector


4. Auto TagBand Skin Tag Remover Device

TagBand has a variety of tools you can use for removing skin tags, including the Auto TagBand. It works the same way as the standard TagBand, but it uses a different applicator tip. The Auto features a pen-like device that applies a rubber band to the skin tag, allowing you to use the applicator one-handed. Like the other TagBand kit, this option includes 10 medium/large removal bands and 10 cleansing wipes.

Pros: Easier to use one-handed than the standard TagBand remover tool. Includes 10 bands and 10 wipes.

Cons: The Auto TagBand is generally more expensive than the standard version.

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Auto TagBand Skin Tag Remover Device


5. TagRid Skin Tag Remover Device

The design of the TagRid is similar to the TagBand, and it includes an applicator tip and elastic bands to cut blood flow to skin tags and painlessly remove them. Unlike the TagBand kit, this kit from TagRid includes many more bands to allow you to target more skin tags. This option includes 36 repair patches, 12 preparation wipes and 24 bands.

Pros: Good bulk option includes 36 patches and 24 bands.

Cons: Company is not as well established as TagBand.

skin tag remover tagrid Image Courtesy of Amazon

TagRid Skin Tag Remover Device

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