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Say Hello to ATWATER: The Newest Men’s Skincare Brand and Brainchild of Kiehl’s Former President

Make some room on your bathroom vanity because there’s a new men’s skincare brand in town. 

ATWATER, the brainchild of Chris Salgardo, former Kiehl’s president and more than 30-year veteran of the men’s grooming and beauty space, officially launches today. 

This brand new, premium lineup of men’s skincare products offers guys a high-performance option aimed at seamlessly integrating into any existing routine or shaping the mold for a new one. 

“As a consumer myself and after working in the beauty industry for over 30 years, I was on a mission to launch a brand that offered high-quality products that would simplify a man’s daily regimen, something he would stick to for life,” Salgardo said in a recent press release.

Sticking to a daily skincare regimen is a sure way to help any man look and feel his best. But feeling comfortable with one’s self-image isn’t easy for every guy out there. In Salgardo’s experience, dating back to his teenage years, it took finding quality skincare to finally guide him to develop confidence in himself. 


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“My parents did what they could up until I was 18, but everything [they recommended] was an old world solution. So it just made my oily skin [more oily] and more red so the acne stood out more. When I got into good skincare and it started to clear, it was like the light was turned on. I felt like I wasn’t hiding and truly more confident. It takes a while for the visible acne to go away and even longer for the mental acne to go away. But the better, healthier I felt about my skin the more my confidence built and the way I thought I saw myself improved,” Salgardo said.

As more men embrace self-care, the men’s skincare and grooming market continues to boom, and the market subsequently becomes more crowded with new brands like ATWATER. To stand out from the competition, ATWATER is promoting the clean, vegan ingredients used in its products.

As of today, you can find ATWATER exclusively at Nordstrom and the brand’s site,

Once we’ve had a chance to test out these products for ourselves, we’ll be sure to update this post with our reviews. For now, here are the new products we’re most excited to try. 


Eye Armor Eye Moisturizer

This eye moisturizer is a great product to use after a gentle rinse of the face to depuff, tighten and “armor” up to fight dark under-eye circles. Formulated with antioxidants, caffeine and yeast and rice extracts, Eye Armor can be used both morning and night. Half a pinky nail’s worth of product is all you’ll need to apply directly to the target areas to get your routine up and running.

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Courtesy of ATWATER

Oil Regulator Facial Cleansing Bar

We’re still in the height of oily face season, so having a cleansing option that works to combat excess oil is incredibly helpful. ATWATER’s Oil Regulator Facial Cleansing Bar is suited for both oily and combination skin types and people who are generally just more active and need an extra boost when washing up. 100% sustainable, this soap is vegan as well as non-toxic, cruelty-free and sulfate-free. Important: get a nice foamy lather going on in your hands before massaging into your face for best results. 

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Courtesy of ATWATER

Skin Armor Face Scrub

A good men’s face scrub is one of our favorite grooming products, and so we’re really excited to put the new ATWATER’s Skin Armor Face Scrub to the test. This scrub features jojoba beads, which are plant-derived and definitely not made from plastic, a known face scrub supervillain. We’ll let you know how this one works in a future story.

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Courtesy of ATWATER

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