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If You Have a Beard, You Need This Shaping Tool

* Four-sided beard shaping tool
* Gives you precise control over the lines of your beard
* Great on hairlines, sideburns and mustaches too

This ridiculously clever, simple tool just may help you shape the future of beards. Say goodbye to the painstaking process of eyeballing either side of your beard and progressively trimming a little bit more on one side and then the other until you’ve reached some semblance of it being even. With this shaper tool, you have a veritable beard stencil at your disposal.

If you’ve been wanting that sharp, pointy sideburns look but it’s just been too time consuming to achieve, this shaper is your gateway to style. It’s an ingenious little invention and it was even featured on Shark Tank.

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The beard shaper is a card-like tool with several different patterned edges. These guide your razor and really give you an “edge” when it comes to getting the exact beard look of your dreams. Shave with a precision you never thought possible, and attain a salon-groomed, professional, rugged look with the ease of shaving at home.

Now, thanks to the beard shaper, facial hair can be a canvas upon which to paint, rather than a cumbersome chore like a lawn to mow. Whether you want to design an artistic beard shape or just keep your facial hair looking clean and sharp, this handy, four-sided shaping tool makes it easier than ever to get the beard and mustache results you’re looking for.

Just place the shaper where you want the line to be and move the razor using the desired side of the shaper to guide it. The shaper even has an ergonomically-designed handle, making it easy to hold in one hand. And despite the name, the beard shaper is hardly just for the lower half of your head, it also works wonders when it comes to getting the hairline right when you cut your hair with clippers or trimmers.

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