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The Best Drugstore Hyaluronic Acid Products for Protecting Your Skin

By now, you’ve surely heard something about hyaluronic acid as an essential skincare ingredient. If you’re intrigued and interested in testing it out, as you should be, we can help you find an affordable option in one of the best drugstore hyaluronic acid products.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that’s naturally produced by your body. It helps bind water to collagen to keep skin dewy and smooth, but aging and continued exposure to UV radiation and other pollutants can decrease the amount you’re able to retain over time. That’s where hyaluronic acid skincare products come in.

The most important benefit of hyaluronic acid is its impressive hydrating power. When your skin is protected and not fighting for hydration, it’s able to increase skin cell production which leads to a smoother, plumper appearance. As a result, hyaluronic acid can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s suitable for all skin types which is a huge plus, especially if you don’t know what your skin type is. It may be especially helpful if you often feel like your skin is dry.

You can find pure hyaluronic acid in a serum or as an element of many hydrating moisturizers and masks. These are some of the best drugstore hyaluronic acid skincare products that anyone can use.


1. Cetaphil Oil-Free Hydrating Lotion


Though there are now one million skincare brands to choose from, Cetaphil is an old and reliable favorite. Their products are generally as clean as possible, with no synthetic fragrances or dyes. This hydrating face lotion with hyaluronic acid locks in moisture for 24 hours, is hypoallergenic and oil-free, so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. It’s affordable and truly as gentle as possible, making it a great option for anyone looking to test the waters with hyaluronic acid without making a major investment.

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2. La Roche-Posay HydraphaseHA Light Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer


 La Roche-Posay is one of the fancier brands that you can find in drugstores, so if you’re looking for a slightly elevated drugstore hyaluronic acid product, this light face moisturizer is the way to go. It promises to provide 72 hours of hydration, which is more than almost any other hyaluronic acid option. It’s non-greasy and soothes skin while also plumping to help you look dewy for days.

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3. Goodline Grooming Co. Facial Serum


While every single product on this list is really gender-neutral and suitable for both men and women to use, this serum with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera is specifically targeted towards men, if that’s what you’re into. It’s safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and helps to brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It delivers an intense base layer of hydration and is meant to be followed by a moisturizer for maximum bounce.

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4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum


If you have issues with acne, you always want to make sure your skincare products are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog pores or contribute to breakouts. This super fast-absorbing serum with hyaluronic acid is that and oil-free, so it’s particularly safe for problematic skin types. It delivers tons of hydrating for skin that glows day after day.

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5. L’Oréal Revitalift Derm Intensives Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum


One nice thing about hyaluronic acid is that it can actually be applied in its purest form. This L’Oréal serum is just that — pure hyaluronic acid. That means it’s non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and immediately softens and plumps skin. With continued use, it can reduce wrinkles, brighten skin tone, renew texture and improve firmness.

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6. Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer


As far as the best drugstore hyaluronic acid products go, this Vichy face moisturizer may be the most affordable option out there. It strengthens and repairs the skin barrier by making it more resistant to the exposome factors that can cause visible signs of aging. It’s also fragrance-free with only 11 ingredients and tested for safety on sensitive skin.

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7. Olay Deep Hydration Serum


If you have super sensitive skin and can only use the gentlest possible products, you should try this Olay Deep Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3. It’s phthalate-, paraben-, dye- and fragrance-free, so it’s safe for sensitive, dry, combination, normal or mature skin. Apply a few drops after you cleanse for a cool drink of water for your face that quenches thirsty skin and fights dryness from within.

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8. La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Face Serum


Another drugstore hyaluronic acid product from La Roche-Posay, this face serum also has vitamin B5 and Madecassoside to lock in moisture, visibly plump and help reduce fine lines. It’s recommended for sensitive and mature skin, particularly those dealing with loss of volume, elasticity, and dehydration. It’s a rich, anti-aging concentrate that leaves skin feeling supple and smooth to the touch.

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