The Best Essential Oils For Your Saggy, Stretch Mark & Cellulite Laden Rear End

best essential oils stretch mark cellulite
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* Essential oils can treat saggy skin, stretch marks and cellulite
* Add essential oils to carrier oils for a DIY treatment
* Ensure you use genuine and full strength essential oils for the best results

Sure, essential oils smell great, and they can change your mood when used correctly in a diffuser. But some of these natural products should be considered as candidates for your skin care routine, too. Whether you’re seeing a bit too much cellulite, suffer from saggy skin on your rear end or would like to get rid of your stretch marks, essential oils can help.

Keep in mind that essential oils need to be added to a carrier oil (like olive or grapeseed oil) in order to be applied to the skin.

Depending on what your backside needs, consider one of these seven essential oils and its recommended carrier oil as a remedy.

Best For Cellulite & Loose Skin

Unfortunately, cellulite and loose skin on the behind is a fact of life for many women (and men). Caused by underlying fat deposits, it gives skin a dimpled, lumpy appearance in aging skin, but essential oils mixed with carrier creams can go a long way in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Read on to find out which essential oils to use on your rear end.


1. Plant Therapy Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil – BEST VALUE

Grapefruit essential oil is a natural cleanser and supports healthy metabolism. It’s also been proven to melt fat cells, which is why it’s very effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite. Simply mix a few drops with this SheaMoisture Coconut Oil and massage the cream onto your cellulite laden skin for five minutes a few times a week. You’ll soon see results, and you’ll get to enjoy the incredible grapefruit smell in the meantime.

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2. NOW Solutions Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass is one essential oil you should have in your arsenal regardless of its uses. It is an uplifting oil that can brighten anyone’s day when placed in a diffuser. However, it also possesses diuretic properties that make it great for decreasing fluid retention and cellulite. Pair it with sweet almond oil for a luxurious skin care application.

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3. Edens Garden Cellulite Synergy Blend Essential Oil – BEST REVIEWED

Edens Garden has taken the guesswork out of using essential oils for cellulite by creating the Cellulite Synergy Blend . This powerful bottle contains grapefruit, juniper berry, cypress, may chang, cedarwood, fir needle, sage, pink pepper, birch, fennel and black pepper essential oils. Each of these is proven to tighten saggy skin and decrease the appearance of cellulite, so together they are like the superhero of skin care, ready to help you look, feel and smell great.

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4. Sun Essential Oils Patchouli Essential Oil

Much like lemongrass essential oil, patchouli essential oil has diuretic properties and is commonly used in the treatment of water retention. As such, it’s also effective in the fight against cellulite. Derived from a large evergreen perennial in the Labiatae family, this essential oil also has a wonderful scent and can be paired with grape seed oil for a soothing skin care application.

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Best For Stretch Marks & Scars

No one likes stretch marks, but most women have them. To get rid of these unsightly yet natural occurrences, consider using these essential oils in your skin care routine.


1. Healing Solutions Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed oil is known as an effective treatment for scars (and therefore stretch marks) thanks to its high levels of Vitamin A. This ingredient helps the body produce collagen, which is necessary for skin regeneration around scar tissue. In addition, carrot seed oil is highly antiseptic and has high levels of antioxidants. These characteristics help fight harmful free radicals. Mix carrot seed oil with emu oil  for the best results.

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2. Natural Acres Neroli Essential Oil – EDITOR’S CHOICE

You have probably never seen a neroli tree, but you might know it offers an extensively useful essential oil. Neroli essential oil is particularly good for healing new or old stretch marks and scars thanks to its cytophylactic properties, which promote the regeneration of skin cells. As an added benefit, neroli oil smells amazing. Mix it with rosehip seed oil  for an amazingly spa-like skin care experience.

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3. Aura Cacia Geranium Essential Oil

Like many of the other essential oils known to treat scars and stretch marks, geranium oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, it can keep your skin looking radiant and healthy while promoting the regeneration of skin cells. Because Aura Cacia Geranium Essential Oil is highly concentrated, it should be mixed at a 1% dilution rate with argan oil for the best application.

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