4 Products To Clean Your (Private) Parts

Best Intimate Washes for Men: Wipes,
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* The best men’s hygiene products
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Guys have finally started practicing proper hygiene “down there.”

The skin and bacteria in your nether regions is different and more sensitive than the rest of your body, so a quick once over with a regular bar of soap or shower gel won’t do the trick. Instead, we recommend that all guys add a dedicated intimate wash to their hygiene routine. Not only will you feel fresher during the day, but your significant other will also be very grateful.

However, shopping for an intimate wash at your local drug store can be a little embarrassing, and you probably won’t find many options. Luckily, Amazon has a large selection of soaps, wipes and sprays made specifically for your bits and pieces. Below are some of the highest-rated options at different price points, so you can pick one that fits your application preference and budget.

1. Bond Men’s Intimate Wash

Bond is one of the best men’s intimate washes on the market because it’s engineered specifically for dudes. It features a unique pH balance for your downstairs area and a unique masculine scent (unlike most soaps). Plus, it reduces itchiness and discomfort and only costs $13. For best results, use it daily after your normal soap.

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2. Male Genital Odor and Skin Wash

Another great soap that’s made just for the ol’ twig and berries is this genital wash. It thoroughly cleanses the delicate skin down there while simultaneously soothing, and leaves a refreshing scent as well.

Genital Soap Non Scented Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Booty Fresh Intimate Odor Cleanser

Most of the time, our rear ends need some extra help to smell nice. That’s where this gentle and unscented odor cleansing spray comes in. For daily use, give your washed and dried nether regions a few sprays, and then let it sit for 5-10 minutes while you attend to other toiletry needs. Alternatively, you can also quickly freshen up by applying a hefty amount (15-20 sprays) to a piece of toilet paper and rubbing it on.

Intimate Spray Butt Odor Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Purelis Sensitive Intimate Wipes

For a quick freshening-up, keep some of these Purelis intimate wipes close at hand. They’re great in the morning, after a workout, while traveling, or before getting intimate.

Body Wipes Body Odor Genitals Image courtesy of Amazon