Keep Your Private Parts Clean With These Products Designed for Your Downstairs

Manscaped All-In-One Ball and Body Wash
Courtesy of Amazon
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Guys have finally started practicing proper hygiene “down there.” And thank God for that.

The skin and bacteria in your nether regions are different and more sensitive than the rest of your body, so a quick once over with a regular bar of soap or shower gel won’t do the trick. Instead, we recommend that all guys use the best intimate wash in their hygiene routine.

Not only will you feel fresher during the day, but your significant other will also be very grateful. Plus, when you manscape down there, using the best intimate wash will make you feel extra ready for the day.

Sadly, shopping for an intimate wash at your local drug store can be a little embarrassing, and you probably won’t find many options. Luckily, Amazon has a large selection of soaps, wipes and sprays made specifically for your bits and pieces. Below are some of the highest-rated options at different price points, so you can pick one that fits your application preference and budget.

1. Manscaped All-In-One Ball and Body Wash


Manscaped recently hit the grooming scene through Shark Tank and established itself as a go-to for all downstairs needs. They’re great because they focus specifically on man parts, offering straightforward, high-quality products for a better nether. Case and point? Their ball and body wash. You don’t have to add an additional step to your shower routine, but you’ll notice an improvement in the health of your private parts thanks to the soap’s pH control, improved odor protection and refreshing natural ingredients.

Manscaped All-In-One Ball and Body Wash Courtesy of Amazon

Manscaped All-In-One Ball and Body Wash



2. Ballsy Men’s Activated Charcoal Ball and Body Wash


Safe, natural ingredients are important in any grooming product, but they’re doubly crucial in products you’ll be putting on your family jewels. If you’re concerned about chemicals, this ball and body wash from Ballsy is your best bet. It utilizes activated charcoal to scrub your whole body, naturally drawing out toxins and bacteria. Then, ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil provide generous moisture to help keep you fresh all day long.

ball wash charcoal natural Courtesy of Amazon

Ballsy Men's Activated Charcoal Ball and Body Wash



3. Fresh Balls Lotion The Solution for Men


It can get a little sticky down there, as we all know too well. This ball wash from Fresh Body specifically works to keep the proper level of dryness, managing sweat and chafing. It comes extremely highly-rated on Amazon with a 4.4/5 average rating and over 5,000 reviews, as customers say it really works to remove odor and wetness.

Fresh Balls Lotion The Solution for Men Courtesy of Amazon

Fresh Balls Lotion The Solution for Men

$12.89 $19.99 36% OFF


4. BOND Masculine Wash Men’s Intimate Wash


Intimate washes are a great way to treat your significant other and make bedroom adventures more enjoyable. If that’s your reason for buying an intimate wash (it is for many guys), we suggest this wash from Bond. Along with cleaning your bits and pieces, it also delivers a light, seductive scent and Asian Ginseng extract which stimulates the groin.

men's intimate wash for sex Courtesy of Amazon

BOND Men's Intimate Wash



5. TPCK Leave-On Gel for Man Parts


If you’re struggling with odor down there, this leave-on gel is your best bet. Instead of simply cleaning your junk, it stays on all day, neutralizing odor. Apply a small amount after showering, and enjoy a quick drying time, plus a residue that won’t stain your clothes.

TPCK Leave-On Gel for Man Parts Courtesy of Amazon

TPCK Leave-On Gel for Man Parts



6. DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes


These DUDE Wipes offer a major upgrade over toilet paper. They’re thicker than regular toilet paper and packed with backside nutrients such as aloe vera and vitamin E for skin health. You’ll notice a faster and softer wiping job, making #2 trips much more pleasant. Plus, they come in single-use packs for traveling or use at work or school.

DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes Courtesy of Amazon

DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes

$8.94 $12.99 31% OFF




If scent isn’t your main prerogative, try WASH for men and women. You’ll decrease odor after a solid 10-12 days, which is essentially no time at all. It’s sensitive on your skin which is perfect for the area you’re washing. Odor-causing bacteria will be gone, leaving you feeling comfy and cozy walking around and living your life.

WASH Courtesy of Amazon


8. Allongs Intimate Cleanser for Men


Keep your intimates feeling fresh and clean with Allongs Intimate Cleanser, a foam-free option for dudes to use when cleaning up in the shower. There is no harmful soap inside of the formula, so you will be cleaning your package without any insensitive products. During and after each clean, you’ll feel a minty, cooling sensation which leaves you feeling extra fresh.

Allongs Intimate Cleanser for Men Courtesy of

Allongs Intimate Cleanser for Men



9. Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit


If you really want to treat your whole downstairs region, pick up this kit from Manscaped. It includes a hair and body wash formulated for men’s skin, an anti-chafing ball deodorant for silkiness, an electric shaver (for, you know, trimming the hedges), a five-piece nail kit and a groin “reviver” that refreshes, controls friction and balances pH. Plus, you get an extra gift: a disposable manscaping shaving mat that catches hair. All in all, this is a great kit for any guy and makes a fantastic gift for any dudes in your life.

Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit Courtesy of Manscaped

Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit



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