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Fix Your Grill: Why You Should Take a Look at Smile Direct Club’s Invisible Braces

* Smile Direct Club invisible braces review
* Never visit the dentist with delivered aligners and teledentistry
* Straighten your teeth in around six months

We just found the easiest way to straighten your teeth in six months. It’s a new invisible braces subscription service called Smile Direct Club, and it’s quickly blowing up.

The service delivers invisible braces (similar to Invisalign braces) directly to your doorstep and uses remote dentistry so you never actually have to visit the dentist.

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Image courtesy of Smile Direct Club

Here’s how it works. First, you get a 3D image of your teeth made. To do this, you can go into a SmileShop (Smile Direct’s dentistry shops), or (this is the cool part) you can take the 3D impression yourself using Smile Direct’s at-home impression kit. Once they have your 3D image, a fully licenced dentist reviews the image of your teeth and figures out a custom plan for fixing your smile. Smile Direct then delivers a full set of custom aligners, each specially made to fix your teeth. As you work your way through the set, you’ll have an assigned dentist that will check in on your progress remotely every 90 days. Plus, you get a set of whitening strips to show off your new pearly whites.

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Image courtesy of Smile Direct Club

It’s a great service because you get a whole set of aligners shipped in one box, and you never have to visit a dentist. Not only is this convenient, but it speeds up the whole process – no more waiting for a dentist appointment or a monthly shipment to swap out your aligner.

As mentioned, Smile Direct utilizes the same invisible braces technology as Invisalign, which essentially allow you to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. The only difference between Smile Direct Club and Invisalign is the cost: Smile Direct costs as little as $1895 (and your insurance might cover it), while Invisalign costs anywhere between $3,500 and $8,000.