The 18 Best Men’s Grooming Kits Simplify Daily Skincare and Make Great Gifts

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Oars + Alps Everyday Essentials Kit
Courtesy of Oars + Alps

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Most guys are now well-versed in grooming products and regimens, whether it be skincare, beard grooming or manscaping. However, we still have some learning to do. With so many different products for scrubbing, trimming, moisturizing and so on, it can be tough to remember which is which, and it can seem impossible to build a great grooming arsenal.

Luckily, men’s grooming brands have realized that it’s difficult and time-consuming to shop through hundreds of products and create a lean set for your bathroom. As a solution, many top companies have created grooming kits that include everything you need for a specific body part (i.e. beard kit, skin kit, etc). Plus, these kits are usually compact and well-packaged, making them ideal for travel.

Finding a good grooming kit has resulted in a much easier routine for most guys, and typically a boost in attractiveness as the kits feature hand-selected products that work in harmony. If you’re in need of a grooming routine upgrade, check out some of the best men’s grooming kits below.


1. King C. Gillette Complete Men’s Beard Care Gift Kit


We love King C. Gillette, the new premium shaving brand named after the founder of Gillette. This line is full of amazing products, including some SPY award winners such as the incredible beard balm, beard wash. We’re also huge fans of the double-edge safety razor. Basically, this men’s grooming kit has everything you need to sculpt the perfect beard.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, King C. Gillette Complete Men's Beard Care Gift Kit Courtesy of Amazon


2. Geologie Starter Skin Care Set


Not sure about his skincare regimen or preferences? Or do you know for a fact that he doesn’t have one? Then you can’t go wrong with a trial set from men’s skincare brand Geologie, the award-winning men’s skincare subscriptions. We know some men aren’t always up to code with their skincare regimen, but Geologie offers plenty of products that any man will immediately make a part of his permanent routine. In this trial kit, you get Geologie’s Nourishing Eye Cream, Repairing Night Cream, Everyday Face Wash and more.

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Geologie Sensitive Skin Skin Care Trial; best men's grooming kits Courtesy of Geologie


3. Harry’s Truman Razor Gift Set


Looking for an all-in-one gift set to satisfy the favorite man in your life’s shaving needs? This Truman Gift Set from Harry’s has it all. The main component of this set is Harry’s classic Truman razor handle which features a weighted core and rubberized handle. Also included are three German-engineered blade cartridges, each with a flex hinge and lubricated strip to prevent nasty razor burn bumps. Also included is a foaming gel or shave cream by your preference and a travel cover for your blades. The razor handle is available in three festive colors — blue, orange, or green, and it all comes packaged in a sturdy recyclable gift box.

We’ve consistently named the Truman razor from Harry’s the best razor for men, and we love this grooming gift set.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Harry's Truman Gift Shaving Set Courtesy of Harry's


4. Lumin Complete Maintenance Set


Whether the man in your life is new to the skincare scene or an experienced professional, the Lumin Complete Maintenance Set from renowned brand Lumin surely will not disappoint. This set features pretty much everything a man needs to obtain clear and smooth skin. Some of our favorite products included in the kit: the Moisturizing Balm, Charcoal Cleanser, Dark Circle Defense, Exfoliating Rub, and even an Ant-Wrinkle Serum. This set is perfect for anyone who struggles with dehydration, excess oil, clogged pores, acne scarring, dark circles, or premature aging.

Lumin Expert Maintenance Kit; best men's grooming kits Courtesy of Lumin


5. Jack Black Skin Saviors Kit


This skincare kit from Jack Black not only makes it easier to take care of your skin but also improves your skin because the set is curated to work well together. It comes with a daily cleanser, an exfoliating buffer, a moisturizer with SPF and a premium lip balm.

Jack Black Skin Saviors kit; best men's grooming kits Courtesy of Jack Black


6. Disco Basics Kit


For a one-stop-shop grooming kit with the essentials to clean and care for your face and body, the Disco Basics Kit is the way to go. It contains a charcoal face cleanser stick, a eucalyptus body wash, a eucalyptus aluminum-free natural deodorant and a lightweight eucalyptus face moisturizer. Though you can certainly pick up a lot more grooming products, this Disco men’s grooming kit is a great place to start for the basics. Sure, it is a bit pricey, but you’re getting four high-quality natural products.

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Disco Basics Kit; best men's grooming kits Courtesy of Disco


7. Bevel Body Essentials Bundle


We’re massive fans of Bevel here at SPY. This Black-made brand is a modern-day essential when it comes to Black needs in grooming. There haven’t been a lot of grooming products specifically made for the Black experience, so that’s entirely why Bevel exists. Their Body Essentials Bundle is made for every kind of guy with priority toward Black men. Bevel uses a number of different enriching ingredients to provide a line of products meant to soften skin and make you smell great. With each purchase, expect six of Bevel’s top-notch body nourishing must-haves you won’t want to spend one day without. Time to get lathering.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Bevel Body Essentials Bundle Courtesy of Bevel


8. Viking Revolution Safety Razor Shaving Kit


For a great shave, you need (at least) three things: a high-quality razor, something to smooth the shave out and something to soothe your skin afterward. You’ll get all that and more with the Viking Revolution Safety Razor Shaving Kit. It contains all of the above in the form of a double-edge safety razor, shave soap and pre-shave oil, aftershave balm and a badger hair brush and shave bowl to whip up the soap. Not only does this kit have everything you need, everything’s high-quality and it’s well-reviewed on Amazon too, with 82% five-star ratings on almost 3,000 ratings.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Viking Revolution Safety Razor Shaving Kit Courtesy of Amazon


9. Firsthand Supply Hydrated Hair Set


Calling a shampoo and conditioner set a full-on “kit” might be a stretch, but we recently tested out the Firsthand Supply Hydrated Hair Set and couldn’t recommend it more. The shampoo is remarkably gentle for how well it cleans and doesn’t leave your hair feeling stripped out. If your hair does feel stripped out, have no fear, the conditioner will leave your hair feeling crazy soft. Plus, they’re both a lot more natural than many competing kits and 98% of the company’s packaging comes from recycled materials.

Firsthand Supply Hydrated Hair Set; best men's grooming kits Courtesy of Firsthand Supply


10. Oars + Alps Everyday Essentials Kit


If you’ve ever been interested in trying a new brand full-throttle, Oars + Alps offers an easy way for buyers to check just about everything they sell out for a low price. For just $85, buyers will receive the brand’s hydrating shampoo and conditioner, a luxury body wash, a solid charcoal face wash, a hydrating lip balm, aluminum-free deodorant and a tote bag that resists water. Everything is scented gorgeously, so we’re sure you’re going to fall in love after your first package.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Oars + Alps Everyday Essentials Kit Courtesy of Oars + Alps


11. Rapid Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit


Beards have gone from extra scruff to facial art. Most beard-wearers take serious care of their masterpiece with special oils, brushes and balms, so knowing where to start with beard care can be tricky. This highly-reviewed kit from Rapid Beard takes away the guesswork and shopping hassle by hooking you up with everything you need to make that scruff look its best. Use the unscented beard oil and beard balm to moisturize and control your beard, and then the brush, comb and scissors to trim or style that beast.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Rapid Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit Courtesy of Amazon


12. MALIN+GOETZ Essentials Skin Care Kit


Hitting the road? Pick up this MALIN+GOETZ Essentials Skin Care Kit. It includes a high-quality face cleanser, moisturizers, body wash, shampoo and conditioner in TSA-safe 1-ounce bottles to ensure that you can look your best while traveling. Although this kit can also be a tester for MALIN+GOETZ’s fantastic products, we recommend keeping it handy as a quick grab-and-go to make packing easier.

MALIN + GOETZ Essentials Skin Care Set; best men's grooming kits Courtesy of Nordstrom


13. Lab Series You’re Busy Set


The Lab Series You’re Busy Set is excellent and really easy to incorporate into a routine or use to kick off a brand-new one. It may only contain the Lab Series All-In-One Multi-Action Face Wash and the Lab Series All-In-One Face Treatment, but that’s all it takes to take your skin to the next level every day. We recently had a chance to test these two out and we think they’ll be mainstays in our bathroom drawers for a long time to come.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, LAB SERIES You're Busy Skin Care Set Courtesy of Lab Series


14. CGBE Manicure Set


Trimming fingernails and toenails might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the best men’s grooming kits, but it’s an essential grooming step for the well-groomed man. The CGBE Manicure Set contains all the basics and then some to give your fingernails and toenails new life, including two nail clippers, one large nail clipper, one cuticle clipper (a must-have!), one tweezer, one nail file and a whole bunch of stuff you won’t need but that’s nice to have in the included zipper case.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, CBGE Manicure Set Courtesy of Amazon


15. The Ultimate Kiehl’s Skincare Kit


SPY readers already know that Kiehl’s makes the best face moisturizers for men, and we love this brand’s premium skincare products. This is easily one of the best men’s grooming kits for guys who appreciate the finer things in life, and it also makes a great gift. The Ultimate Kiehl’s Skincare Kit is a great way to discover the brand’s most popular men’s products and indulge with some much-needed self-care.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, The Ultimate Kiehl's Skincare Gift Set Courtesy of Kiehl's


16. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer


Manscaping from head to toe is a must for modern dudes, but some guys still don’t have the proper equipment. Philips Norelco just made it easier with this trimmer/shaver that features two blades: one for your body and one for your face. This is especially handy for traveling, as you don’t have to bring a razor and a body trimmer. Plus, you can use it to trim stubble for that rugged yet groomed look.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer Courtesy of Amazon


17. Meridian Grooming The Complete Package


If you’re a guy, you’ve likely got some amount of hair all over your body. If you like it, all the power to you, but if you want to make sure everything is looking sufficiently trimmed and groomed in case somebody’s looking, pick up the Meridian Groomer for dedicated body grooming. The Complete Package from Meridian offers both the brand’s easy-to-use cordless trimmer and a spray to keep your downstairs region smelling great at all times. We’ve tested this trimmer ourselves and have only experienced wonderful results. No nicks, no cuts, no tears, just easy hair removal.

Best Men’s Grooming Kits, Meridian Trimmer Courtesy of Meridian Grooming


18. Tame the Wild Grooming Gift Set

Tame the Wild is a popular grooming gift set and an “Amazon’s Choice” winner in this category. Like the other sets on this list, SPY editors have personally tested and reviewed these products, and they’re a great starter set for guys who are just discovering self-care. You can also buy a version of this bundle with a beard straightener if you’re buying a gift set for a guy whose beard is totally out of control.

tame the wild gift set Courtesy of Amazon

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