For a Close Shave, It’s Still Hard To Beat a Manual Razor

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Technology is designed to make people’s lives easier, which makes it doubly frustrating when it fails. That’s why, for many people, doing things the old school way has tremendous value, whether that’s writing by hand instead of typing, or getting an analog watch instead of a smartwatch. In short, there’s a sense of reliability that comes with mechanical tools. This is especially true with tools you use every day, and there’s nothing more everyday than a grooming routine.

Despite constant advancements in electric shavers, safety razors and manual are endearingly popular. In fact, there’s been a resurgence in old school methods of shaving in recent years, thanks to dapper and dandy Instagram influencers, and the rise of old school barbershops in major cities. The pitch: if it was good enough for your dad and all those other stylish men back in the day, it’s good enough for you.

Whether you’re looking for a classic metal safety razor, or just a drugstore razor that you can actually depend on, these are three good options to pick up.


1. Vikings Blade Double Edge Safety Razor

This “Chieftain” kit isn’t cheap, but it is a good value. It comes in a case with a mirror, and there’s a complimentary pack of replacement blades. It’s heavier than many other safety razors, making for a secure and comfortable shave.

Pros: Provides a close shave, blades are easy to change.

Cons: There may be some learning curve if you’re making the switch from disposable.

Vikings Blade Razor Courtesy of Amazon


2. Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

This affordable safety razor has a convenient “butterfly” opening. Unscrewing a knob at the bottom exposes the blade, making for a convenient and quick replacement. The package comes with five replacement blades. The razor itself has a knurled handle, making for a secure grip.

Pros: Gives a close shave, comes with five replacement blades.

Cons: Blades don’t last as long as others on this list.

weishi razor Courtesy of Amazon


3. Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Men’s Razor

This manual razor from Gillette comes with two replacement cartridges. The cartridges have five thin blades for a comfortable shave, and the blades are surrounded by a cooling gel to reduce irritation. The razor itself has a rotating head, so the razor can closely contour to the face.

Pros: Rotating head for close shave, has a precision trimmer on the back.

Cons: If you’re looking for something a bit more old school, another option would be best.

Gillette Razor Courtesy of Amazon Amazon