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Bevel’s New Essentials Shave Starter Kit Reduces the Appearance of Blemishes We Despise Most

Bevel is expanding their repertoire with an innovative bundle designed to ensure a flawless, clean shave and reduce the appearance of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The new essentials starter kit features never-before-seen products and tools, including the Bevel Essential Disposable Safety Razor, Bevel Clear Shave Gel, and Bevel Bump Control.

We’ve tested and reviewed Bevel products repeatedly on SPY, and they’ve proven to save us from dismal quality with a rather unique experience. From the premium Bevel Trimmer to the futuristic hybrid Bevel Pro, the renowned brand is dedicated to developing the best grooming products for black men that relish a fresh shave and solution-focused skincare.

With convenience and sustainability at the core, Bevel has introduced the Bevel Essential Disposable Safety Razor, which is made with a 45% wheat straw plastic alternative. In addition, this razor comes pre-loaded with the brand’s award-winning stainless steel double-edge blades.

The Bevel Clear Shave Gel offers a non-foaming clear gel that provides lubrication and glide without the need for lathering with a brush. This fortifying product blends Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, and Vitamin B-5, which work together to avoid shaving casualties such as cuts, nicks, and irritation on the skin.  

Finishing out the kit is the Bevel Bump Control, packed with ingredients of glycolic acid, witch hazel, and green tea. And in case you’re wondering, drying alcohols have been omitted in the formula process. The fast-absorbing lightweight liquid post-shave was created to afford our guys a smooth skin finish.

If you’re in the market for new shaving goods or a professional barber looking to clean up your clients, Bevel is the ultimate emporium for your grooming needs. The new Bevel Essentials Starter Shave Kit is available exclusively at for $29.95.