Check This Out: Caswell-Massey Debuts Its New Luxe Travel Shave Set

caswell massey travel kit
Courtesy of Caswell-Massey

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Caswell-Massey’s new travel shave set, The Rex Supply Co. Envoy Razor with Travel Case, will really make you yearn for the days when we can travel again just so you can show it off. There’s something pleasing about unpacking a high-quality item and then lovingly place it on a bathroom counter just so you can admire it a bit more.

The case, handmade by Phoenix-based company Ezra Arthur, is crafted from cherry wood covered in Horween leather and highlighted with a silver-tone nameplate. Ezra Arthur was created by four brothers whose mission is to create prestige luxury accessories for men that are so well-crafted they can become heirlooms. We think they’ve succeeded here.

Nestled inside the case is the Rex Supply Co’s Envoy Razor. Established in 2016, Rex Supply Co. designs vintage-styled wet shaving razors that are made to last. Each safety razor is crafted right here in the United States. The company states that one razor will last forever.

Holding the shave set’s case is a bit like holding a tiny bit of American history. Caswell-Massey is America’s heritage fragrance company. It’s been in existence for over 266 years, so you could say it pre-dates the country. The brand got its start when Scottish immigrant Dr. Hunter landed in Rhode Island and opened an apothecary shop in 1752. While he started out as a physician, his store quickly developed a reputation for men’s fragrances and soaps.

Caswell-Massey’s signature scent, “Cologne Number Six,” caught the eye (or was it nose) of John Adams and George Washington, who both wore it. This green citrus and bergamot cologne has a touch of amber and aromatics and reportedly became Washington’s favorite cologne — he even gifted the Marquis de Lafayette a bottle of it. President Kennedy splashed on the brand’s “Jockey Club” cologne, and President Eisenhower was a huge fan of their almond soaps. In fact, he was such a big fan, that when he lived in the White House, he made it the official White House soap.

If you’re looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift idea or want to treat yourself to some must-have travel gear, check out the brand’s new travel kit. It might be the last one you ever need to buy.

caswell massey travel shaving kit Courtesy of Caswell-Massey

Wait! There’s More: New Caswell-Massey Shaving Creams Are Here, Too

Circling back to “Number Six,” in addition to launching this luxurious travel case, Caswell-Massey also has three more new products that complement the razor kit. For the first time ever, their shaving cream is available in a 5.1 oz aluminum Cream Tube (for a premium shaving cream, it’s a steal at $20) that can be tucked into a dopp kit or suitcase. It comes in two scents, the iconic “Number Six,” (when Lewis and Clark went on their expeditions, this fragrance came with them), and “Newport.” The latter scent is comprised of notes of green citrus, mixed with floral tones and earthy sandalwood and amber.

caswell massey shave cream tube Courtesy of Caswell-Massey

They’ve also relaunched their Shave Cream Jars ($26) with a new formulation that’s designed for a cleaner, closer shave. It lifts hair and stubble away from the skin. Made with Sweet Almond and Coconut oils, it moisturizes your face while protecting it against redness and inflammation. It comes in Almond, Sandalwood, Number Six, Newport and ROS.

caswell-massey shave cream Courtesy of Caswell-Massey

Caswell-Massey’s Gold Tin Shave Soap is the last of their early summer releases. The Gold Tin Shave Soap is now created by New York-based grooming experts The Holy Black in small batches. Each formulation is carefully hand-poured into a 5.2 oz tin. Customers can choose from a few different formulations — ROS, Number Six, Regents, Almond, Sandalwood, Newport, Tricorn or LX48 fragrance.

caswell-massey shave soap Courtesy of Caswell-Massey