From Firestarters To Insect Repellent, Cotton Balls Can Be Used For Way More Than Removing Nail Polish

Best Cotton Balls
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Cotton balls are typically associated with beauty products, but there are a lot of other situations where cotton balls come in handy. Perhaps the most common non-beauty use is as an applicator for antibiotic ointments or rubbing alcohol in the event of injury. Cotton balls can even be used as an insect repellent, a fire starter, and a wide variety of other things. Their versatility stems from how absorbent they are. You can soak cotton balls in vinegar, bleach, or any number of fluids to create a concentrated diffuser.

There’s a surprising amount of variation in cotton balls, too. For one thing, many cotton balls aren’t even pure cotton. Then there’s the question of quality. Many cotton balls are tiny and wispy, and they fall apart at the slightest bit of pressure. Not these. These cotton balls are durable, lint-free, and made from 100% cotton.

1. Swisspers Organic Cotton Balls

These cotton balls come in a pack of three 80-count bags. These extra-large cotton balls are soft and don’t shed. As an added benefit, the balls are made from 100% organic cotton and whitened with hydrogen peroxide, rather than bleach. That makes them a more environmentally friendly buy.

Pros: Organic cotton, whitened with hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. Extra large size.

Cons: Sizing isn’t always consistent.

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2. Sky Organics Cotton Balls

This bag comes with 100 cotton balls. These organic cotton balls are versatile are suited for a plethora of uses. They are available in a one pack or a three pack.

Pros: Sterilized, good for first aid or baby and pet care.

Cons: Sizes of cotton balls vary.

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3. Cotton Too 200 Count Triple Size 100% Cotton Balls, 2 Pack

Stock up on these cotton balls from Cotton Too — this pack includes two bags, which each have 200 cotton balls. That makes for a total of 400 cotton balls. Each ball is made from 100% cotton.

Pros: Made in US. 400 cotton balls included in total.

Cons: While they’re billed as triple-sized, they’re fairly average in size.

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