CVS’s New Grooming Line, Goodline, Was Created By Guys, For Guys

Goodline Grooming Co. Premium Grooming Scissor
Courtesy of CVS

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If you want to create grooming products that guys will actually use, just ask them what they really want. That’s exactly what the new brand Goodline Grooming Co. did. The first men’s grooming brand from CVS was created with input from a community of regular men, so the products were truly created for guys by guys, with the mission to be simple, intuitive and, well, good. The group shared feedback in ongoing discussions with the development team. Every single product is meant to be straightforward and approachable, but also deliver results. That means it works equally well for the guy who already has a grooming routine and for someone who is trying to create a regimen and explore new products. All Goodline Grooming Co. products are free of phthalates and parabens, they’re never tested on animals, and good for all skin types.

Exclusively sold at CVS, Goodline Grooming Co. covers all the bases, including skincare, bath and body, beard care, shaving products and razors, and grooming tools and kits. “I personally loved it when I first opened up the package when they sent me all the products because the first thing that caught my eye is the packaging,” says Mark Bustos, a New York City-based celebrity hairstylist. “Just like whenever I see someone for the first time, I always make hair contact before eye contact. It’s very inviting and welcoming for a guy like me; very simple. This is a great way to get somebody to create their own routine at home.”

Get to know the CVS Goodline Grooming Co. launch with a few of their hero products:


1. Goodline Grooming Co. Facial Serum

“I like the facial serum a lot because it’s super moisturizing,” Bustos says. “It’s got hyaluronic acid.” Hyaluronic acid is known for delivering mega moisture, so thirsty complexions will drink this right up. Skin is left looking smoother and feeling softer.

Spy’s Site Director Timothy Werth has been testing out some of the Goodline Grooming products, and so far this is his favorite. The ultra-moisturizing facial serum starts to have a noticeable effect on your skin after just 5-7 days of regular use, and it’s super easy to apply. If you’re looking for a low-cost facial serum for men, this is one of the best options we’ve ever tested.

Goodline Grooming Co. Facial Serum Courtesy of CVS

2. Goodline Grooming Co. Eye Roller Gel

“The great thing about the eye roller gel is that it has this metal ball roller thing on it and it glides on real cold and smooth, so it feels really good,” Bustos says. The nourishing formula treats the delicate skin around the eyes with aloe vera, vitamins C and E, and green tea extract.

Goodline Grooming Co. Eye Roller Gel Courtesy of CVS

3. Goodline Grooming Co. Premium Grooming Kit

“I really do like this travel kit because it comes with a bunch of different things,” Bustos says. “There’s nail clippers, tweezers and it also comes with these scissors with a rounded blunt end. These are especially good for getting in those hard-to-reach areas like your nose, so we don’t hurt ourselves.” Great for on-the-go, the kit comes with five grooming tool essentials, tucked into a case: Large nail clippers, scissors, a comb, small nail clippers and tweezers.

Goodline Grooming Co. Premium Grooming Kit Courtesy of CVS

4. Goodline Grooming Co. Beard Balm

Style and shape your beard with ease in any way you’d like with this moldable beard balm. The combination of beeswax, bergamot oil and green tea extract makes for a pliable hold.

Goodline Grooming Co. Beard Balm Courtesy of CVS

5. Goodline Grooming Co. Precision 5-Blade Razor

You’ll want this razor in your next shelfie. The handle resembles gray, rustic driftwood for the perfect aesthetic touch while also offering complete control while shaving. Then there are the five stainless steel blades that deliver a close shave. There are two lubricating strips coated in vitamin E, cocoa butter and jojoba oil to protect sensitive skin and avoid irritation. Bonus: The anti-clog cartridge rinses clean sans any effort.

Goodline Grooming Co. Precision 5-Blade Razor Courtesy of CVS

6. Goodline Grooming Co. Beard Oil

A good beard will be yours when you nurture your whiskers with this bead oil. The blend of oils, antioxidants and vitamins will keep both your skin and beard hair moisturized and nourished. The potent blend includes castor seed oil, jojoba seed oil, Argan oil and watermelon seed oil to deliver lots of beard-loving goodness.

Goodline Grooming Co. Beard Oil Courtesy of CVS

7. Goodline Grooming Co. Premium Grooming Scissor Duo

You’ll feel like a barber yourself when you’re wielding these sturdy stainless steel scissors. To keep you comfortable, they have ergonomic handles as well as finger rests and rubber bumpers, making them easier to maneuver while trimming, cutting, thinning, texturizing and layering hair. Designed to work with all hair types, the standard shears are meant for trimming hair and the thinning shears are for thinning out thick hair or adding layers.

Goodline Grooming Co. Premium Grooming Scissor Duo Courtesy of CVS

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