We Finally Tried Disco’s Trendy, All-Natural Skincare Line — Here Are Our Top Picks

disco skin care line for men
Courtesy of Disco
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There are literally thousands of skin care products targeted towards men, but there is, perhaps, no company that has gotten more attention in 2021 than Disco. Whether its marketing department has spent its budget cleverly and successfully or its line is simply amazing, one thing’s for certain: It’s the brand guys are talking about.

So we decided to see what all of the fuss was about and try the products ourselves, including the most popular of the bunch: the highly-rated Repairing Eye Stick.

Check out our detailed reviews below, and then purchase them all to decide for yourself!


General Thoughts 

We have to start by commending Disco on creating a men’s skincare brand that is not only affordable and attractively packaged but also completely natural. Each product is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate-free, and chock-full of skin-healthy ingredients with a stellar signature eucalyptus scent. It’s a line you’d be proud to display in any shower or medicine cabinet, and we appreciate the effort put into its mission, aesthetic and overall vibe. 

As always, testing skincare products is an almost entirely subjective experience. Everybody’s skin type is different, so what may work for one person may not work for another. After two weeks of product use, this is our general feedback from multiple SPY’s editorial team members. 


Mineral Sun Block SPF 30

The Pros: This is, hands down, one of the best mineral sunscreens we have ever used. There are two types of sunscreens, chemical and mineral, as a refresher. Chemical sunscreens go on clear but can irritate sensitive skin and potentially cause coral reef damage, depending on the chemicals used. Mineral, however, is better for sensitive skin and the environment but can (and usually does) cause a white cast, which is a big turnoff for those trying to use sunscreen every day — especially the bearded brethren. Enter the latest product from Disco, which earned a spot in The 2021 Man, our annual awards, as the Best Face Sunscreen. This zinc oxide-based sunscreen goes on easily and blends in beautifully. The slight tingle paired with the burst of eucalyptus scent makes this an easy step to remember in the morning. 

The Cons: Fellas, we have to admit, the con list is short with this one. Finding a mineral sunscreen that absorbs and works on all skin tones and doesn’t cost a sunburned arm and leg is an excellent product if you ask us. If we had to complain about something, it does make our face look a little shiny, but even that subsided after about five minutes. That said, we would hope for a bit more than a 2-ounce tube for the price. However, if you subscribe to auto-ship, it comes in under $20. Having healthy, younger-looking skin is worth the price.

disco sunblock Courtesy of Disco

Disco Mineral Sun Block SPF 30


Repairing Eye Stick

The Pros: The Repairing Eye Stick is Disco’s most popular product, and rightfully so. You can feel the cooling effect of witch hazel and green tea as soon as it hits your skin, and it’s a wonderful sensation to experience first thing in the morning. The niacinamide contained within also does an excellent job of smoothing the under-eye area to create almost a blurring, dewy effect that instantly makes you look more awake and not like you’ve tossed and turned in bed all night. You also get a lot of product compared to most high-end creams and gels. 

The Cons: While we certainly noticed a difference in the smoothness of skin texture, we felt like it didn’t drastically reduce puffiness and dark circles. Caffeine and pycnogenol (an antioxidant derived from a French Maritime pine tree) are definitely present. Still, we feel like there are more substantial alternatives on the market with higher ingredient concentrations. The product was also a bit difficult to dispense with the roller ball applicator on more than one occasion, requiring a few hard taps on its base before you could visibly see it outside of the tube. 

Disco Eye Stick Disco

Disco Repairing Eye Stick


Charcoal Face Cleanser Stick

The Pros: This product was created for those who experience oily and acne-prone skin, and it more than delivers. The charcoal removes impurities with its toxin-absorbing properties, while coconut oil helps to break down dirt. It’s also enjoyable to apply a face cleanser in stick form and lathers exceptionally well once combined with water. 

The Cons: We found the product to be slightly drying, and the scent went from refreshing eucalyptus to standard soapy, but we don’t have many complaints. This face cleanser is a star and will be an excellent addition to any morning skincare regimen. 

Charcoal Cleanser Stick Disco

Disco Charcoal Face Cleanser Stick


Exfoliating Face Scrub

The Pros: Who doesn’t love a scrub? Mechanical scrubs, or those that use a physical exfoliant such as apricot kernel seed powder like this one, feel great on the skin, and this one is no exception. The burst of eucalyptus makes the experience that much better. Men prone to ingrown hairs might like this even more, as it is designed to help lift hair follicles and keep dead skin from clogging pores.

The Cons: The problem is that many scrubs are not great for your face. As we have matured in our knowledge of skincare, we have come to learn that you can get a lot of that hard exfoliating work done without all the heavy lifting. By that, we mean chemical exfoliants. This, however, feels marginally better than that controversial, albeit more affordable, drug store brand (you know the one) and might be the only disappointing product offered by Disco. We’re guilty of loving how good a gritty apricot face scrub can feel, but we’d be lying if we said we still used one on the regular.

disco face scrub Courtesy of Disco

Disco Exfoliating Face Scrub


Hydrating Face Moisturizer

The Pros: The lightweight formula is perfect for anyone fearful of breaking out. Its vitamin C content also boosts complexion while the vitamin E hydrates skin effectively, even in notoriously dry winter. While the eucalyptus scent can definitely turn a bit soapy (like the face cleanser stick), we found it to be pleasant and very spa-like upon application. 

The Cons: Instructions say to use a penny-sized amount, but you may need slightly more in order to cover your neck area. We’d love to see this sold in a larger bottle because you will go through it quickly!

Disco Face Moisturizer Disco

Disco Face Moisturizer


Rejuvenating Face Mask

The Pros: This mask feels great. It has the hallmarks of a great mask made for men: bentonite and kaolin clays, plus charcoal and aloe. In layman’s terms, this mask sucks up oil and gunk without drying our skin out. The addition of menthyl lactate — like menthol, but better for use in skincare — makes it instantly cool as the apricot kernel seed powder (which feels far less irritating when delivered via mask once or twice a week) stimulates and gets rid of dead, flakey skin.

The Cons: Spending $38 on a mask is a lot, but a mask in and of itself is an enjoyable addition to our usual skincare routine. The brand says that the 3.5-ounce jar is enough for two months, but if we use it, say, twice a week, we’re not sure it will make it that long. So the downside to this mask isn’t in the product; instead, in the idea of the product. Masks are something that we forget to do a lot, and as much as we genuinely loved the way this felt going on and left our skin feeling after it came off, the truth is, this one is no different. If finding the time to sit and do a mask isn’t an issue for you, then we can’t think of too much more to complain about.

disco face mask Courtesy of Disco

Disco Rejuvinating Face Mask


Natural Deodorant

The Pros: The natural deodorant had our favorite smell of the bunch. While Disco’s signature eucalyptus scent was still present, the brand paired it with a light and refreshing cologne that we’d love to bottle and spray throughout the day. We also appreciated that the formula was aluminum-free and not full of the harmful chemicals that most mainstream deodorants add to their products. 

The Cons: It simply doesn’t last, unfortunately, which is the case with quite a few natural deodorants. This may be a great option for a quick trip to the grocery store or lounging around the house, but don’t expect it to hold up for all-day coverage or during an intense gym session. The smell is so good, we almost don’t mind keeping it close and reapplying throughout the day, but at $14, that’s a pretty hefty price tag. 

Disco Natural Deodorant Disco

Disco Natural Deodorant


Invigorating Body Wash

The Pros: It’s apparent that aloe is a primary ingredient because our skin was generally soft and smooth after consistent use. It also did a great job eliminating odors, especially under the armpits. The lather was abundant, and a little goes a long way, so $22 isn’t too much of an expense if you’re mindful of how much you squeeze. 

The Cons: The scent disappeared almost immediately — once you finished bathing, there was virtually no trace of it left on your skin. We also found the formula to be a bit drying behind the legs and on the elbows, which can easily be remedied by moisturizing, but it’s something to note if you suffer from cracking or flaking. 

Disco Body Wash

Disco Body Wash


The Verdict

Overall, we are big big fans of Disco. No brand is going to get everything just right, but all-in-all, we recommend just about everything here. The invigorating scent (an adjective often overused but wholly warranted here) and the good-but-not-overwhelming selection of products — the sunscreen is crucial — make this a great brand among an increasingly saturated landscape. The fact that every product is vegan, cruelty-free and effective makes this a brand we definitely throw our weight behind.


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