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Guys, Here’s the Only Moisturizer You Need to Better Your Skin in 2020

My man, you’re still not moisturizing your skin in 2020? Are you serious? What’s wrong with you?

Moisturizing your face is a prime component of your skin routine — and if you don’t even have a skin routine, you need some major work. You should’ve started that years ago.

Washing your face night and day dries it out immensely, even if you’re one to have more oily skin. While the act itself revitalizes your skin and replenishes it for the day, it disrupts moisturizing nutrients your face is creating to keep it healthy at the same time. Without a moisturizer, you’re allowing washed skin to break and crack with potential for dirt and grime to slide deep under your pores. This is why directly after cleansing that mug, you should throw on a little bit of moisturizer in order to keep that visage in tip-top shape.

But, the beauty world is an endless void holding too many varying options. Because there are so many moisturizers on the market for men claiming to do this and that, it seems impossible to pick one for yourself without trying out seven different types to see which works best. That’s time and money simply none of us have.

We’re here to spill some tea and let you in on a little secret, though. You don’t need any face moisturizing option other than Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre, trust us.

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Courtesy of Amazon

This French lifesaver is a magic trick that works to both moisturize your skin and keep future breakouts in check with the help of its light yet milky texture. Using a pea-sized amount distributed all over your face will replenish dry skin created by your facewash while ensuring that mug stays clean, hydrated and breakout-free at the same time.

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The secret? A mixture of aloe vera and shea butter. The two work together providing skin-nourishing fatty acids that repair the moisture barrier and increase overall facial elasticity. Breakage? We don’t know her. For people experiencing wrinkles, this stuff also works as an anti-aging wrinkle eraser to diminish signs of aging.

While Embryolisse is mainly pushed toward people with dry skin, the cream works excellently on all skin after washing. It’s excellent for those especially prone to skin sensitivity and those that are post-Accutane users looking to dip their toes back into the world of skin products.

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Courtesy of Dermstore

Some people even boast wonderous results using this cream as a face mask at night if they feel a breakout coming on. Others who wear makeup utilize Embryolisse as their primer before they beat their face. It acts as a nice wall to keep your skin both hydrated and safe from harmful chemicals some makeups have.

Embryolisse is essentially the Holy Grail of all face creams. Word on the street is that Jay-Z’s hit song was actually about this cream. Can you believe that? Don’t Google it.

If you’re looking to get your hands on Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre yourself but aren’t sure where to start, this stuff can be found at various retailers in different shapes and sizes. From Amazon to Urban Outfitters to Dermstore, wherever you do your shopping, you can pick up a bottle.