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I’ve Tested a Hundred Skincare Products, and This Wonder Serum Is My Winter Skincare Secret

As the director of a men’s product review website, I have a lot of skincare products. As my long-time girlfriend often reminds me, I have an order of magnitude more grooming and skincare products than she does.

I’m not complaining, as I love my job, and I enjoy helping SPY readers develop their first skincare routine or discover a new grooming product that actually works.

When friends or family ask me for skincare recommendations, one product in particular comes up the most. It’s called The Good, and it’s a unique skincare serum produced by Caldera + Lab. Believe me when I say I’ve never tried anything else like it.

Courtesy of Caldera + Lab

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This product is a SPY award-winner multiple times over, and it’s the rare luxury skincare product that’s actually worth the splurge. If you believe you deserve the finer things in life, then go ahead and add this excellent skincare serum to your self-care routine.

This moisturizing serum has been tested by multiple SPY team members, collected numerous awards, and become one of our most-recommended products. And while it’s primarily marketed as a men’s product, we’ve found that it works equally well for men and women’s skin.

If you’re looking for a new skincare product to limit signs of aging and protect your skin during the winter, then make it this.

About Caldera + Lab’s The Good Facial Serum

Courtesy of Caldera + Lab

First off, what is The Good? The Good is a facial serum filled with naturally moisturizing oils and antioxidants, and it can provide a number of benefits to your skin. As an anti-aging product, Caldera + Lab designed this product to “[help] skin look tighter and smoother while reducing the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.” As a moisturizer, I’ve found that it leaves my skin feeling soft and balanced, which is especially helpful during the winter months when my skin dries out.

What’s so unique about this facial serum? The Good is a vegan and organic skincare product, and it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or alcohols that can do more harm than good. But here’s what really sets this apart from other skincare products: Caldera + Lab wild harvests dozens of skin-nourishing botanicals (flower, roots and herbs) from the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming. The botanicals are seeped into natural oils over a period of weeks, and the result is an organic and eco-friendly product that’s never tested on animals.

What ingredients are in The Good? Some of the botanicals in this serum include fireweed, frankincense, elderflower, alfalfa, elderberry, dandelion, raspberry, safe, meadow foam and echinacea. In addition, the company uses natural oils from sunflower seeds, apricot kernel, and prickly pear, which soak into your skin to naturally moisturize.

What awards has this product won? Since we first reviewed Caldera + Lab The Good Facial Serum, we’ve twice named it the best men’s facial serum. And in SPY’s recent Best Products of 2022 Awards, we named Caldera + Lab the Top Eco-Friendly Skincare Brand of the Year.

I’m not the only SPY team member who’s fallen in love with this oil. Our Senior Commerce Editor Taylor Galla gifted this facial serum to her dad in 2021, and it helped revitalize his skin after a stressful pandemic.

Where can you buy The Good? The Good is available at the Caldera + Lab website and via Amazon. If you want to save money by subscribing (a refill is needed every 60-90 days depending on how often you use it), then you can buy it for just $77 from the Caldera + Lab website. For a one-time purchase, Amazon has the best price at $87.90.

That might seem like a lot of money for a skincare product, and it is. Trust us, there’s nothing we love more than recommending a $10 alternative to an overpriced product, but this is one product that’s worth the investment.

Courtesy of Caldera + Lab

As a wise man once said, “Treat yourself.” Trust us, you won’t regret adding this wonder skincare serum to your winter skincare routine.