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Review: My Face Has Never Felt Cleaner After Using the Foreo Luna 4 Mini

Nobody would object to cleaner, smoother skin, which is why the skincare industry has amounted to a value of over 19 billion dollars. But in a world where every face cream, scrub, or device has seemingly been done, the Foreo Luna Mini has achieved the impossible: disrupting a crowded space and grabbing the attention of beauty editors and influencers everywhere. 

Of course, in the name of science, as well as our Kim Kardashian-inspired goal to freeze the aging process and preserve our youthful glow, we had to get our hands on the small but (allegedly) mighty dual-sided cleansing massager to see if it really lived up to the hype. Here is our honest review after packing it in our toiletry bag for a month and bringing it on a few long trips. 

Joey Skladany | SPY


  • Lightweight, convenient travel-friendly size
  • Super soft, medical-grade silicone bristles designed for daily use
  • Impressive battery life with 500 uses per charge
  • Glides effortlessly across the face
  • Noticed significantly cleaner skin


  • Can take a while to see some results like faded blemishes
  • Have to register on the app to unlock it 
  • Hard to get into the nooks and crannies of your face
  • Shuts off automatically after a minute and seems to briefly cut out every 15 seconds

What Is the Foreo Luna 4 Mini?

Joey Skladany | SPY

The Foreo Luna Mini is a pulsating cleansing device aimed to clean and soften the face better than simply using your hands, water, and your favorite product. It is made up of tiny, bacteria-resistant silicone bristles to prevent breakouts and a two-zone brush head that can accommodate all skin types. Its biggest draw, however, is the pulsating technology developed to “exfoliate dead skin cells, improve lymphatic drainage, and enhance absorption of skincare.” 

This is not Foreo’s first foray into skincare devices. The company boasts an array of products, including a larger model and one specifically designed for the body. We selected the Mini because it is the most affordable and suits our busy, on-the-go lifestyle. 

What the Foreo Luna 4 Mini Promises 

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The Foreo Luna Mini is not only backed by consumer and editorial reviews, but also science. In fact, its latest iteration (model 4), according to Foreo, has proven to eliminate 99.5% of dirt and oil in clinical trials. This was achieved through the cleanser’s T-Sonic pulsations, which help to “relax facial and neck muscle tension points, improve blood flow, and temporarily dilate pores so that the active ingredients in your skincare can actually penetrate through the outer layer of the skin without clogging the pores,” according to the brand.

The long-term results? A smoother appearance, reduced puffiness and dark circles, and boosted skin radiance. It even promises the fading of blemishes and the prevention of breakouts. 

Foreo Luna 4 Mini’s medical-grade and bacteria-inhibiting silicone also helps to achieve this outcome, making it reportedly 35 times more hygienic than competitors with nylon bristles. 

How to Use the Foreo Luna Mini

Using the Foreo Luna 4 Mini requires a simple, three-step process that can be integrated into any nightly skincare routine. And though we recommend first registering your device through the Foreo app to unlock it and enroll in the company’s two-year warranty, here’s all you need to do to get going with your new facial friend:


Whether you choose to use Foreo’s micro-foam cleanser (review below) or one of your own, you’ll need to dampen your face and apply your favorite product to your skin. 

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Press the universal button to turn on the device and glide it over your face and neck in a circular motion to lather. If you’re pressed for time, double-press the button for a 30-second Glow Boost that is said to revitalize and rejuvenate in mere seconds. 

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Once you’ve cleansed, simply press the button to turn it off (or it will shut off automatically after one minute). Rinse the face, neck, and Foreo Luna 4 Mini, and then pat everything dry with a clean towel

Our Criticisms of the Foreo Luna 4 Mini

We only have two major criticisms of this product. First, it seems like the promised results of “fading blemishes” will happen over time, which makes sense, but isn’t great for those who demand instant gratification. Second, we were disappointed at this device’s inability to get into the nooks and crannies. It glides smoothly and feels comfortable (and even relaxing) on the face, but we couldn’t really get into the undereye area and around the indentations of the nose easily, but maybe that’s just us.

We also don’t love how it shuts off automatically after a minute and seems to cut out a bit after every 15 seconds. While most people don’t take more than a minute to clean their face, this isn’t the case for men with facial hair who really need to build up a lather to remove dead skin and excess bacteria. All you have to do is press the button again, but it would have been nice for the Foreo Luna 4 Mini to have more customizability with not only power length, but also pulse strength (I would feel less intimidated about using it near my eyes if it vibrated softer). 

The Verdict: Should You Buy the Foreo Luna 4 Mini? 

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At $200, the Foreo Luna 4 Mini is certainly an investment, but also an upgrade to any standard beauty routine. With that said, it’s a worthwhile investment and one that can be justified by anyone on any type of budget.

This is a tool that you’ll use every day, and that works out to only 55 cents/night in your first year alone. That’s a small price to pay if preventing acne and/or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is a priority for you. 

Joey Skladany | SPY

For us, the biggest advantage is its ability to actually clean the skin deeply. Sometimes, post-cleanse, we’ll apply toner using a cotton swab and find it disgusting to see that the swab has gathered dirt. It is evident that the cleansing part of our regimen isn’t always doing the job, but this hasn’t been the case after using the Foreo Luna 4 Mini. The cotton swab, after using the device to cleanse, is spotless and allows us to continue to add more products without fear of the pores clogging and leading to pesky breakouts. 

And despite our criticisms mentioned earlier, we’re still pleased that it’s now part of our skincare arsenal and something we actually look forward to using every night. Any vibrating facial device, frankly, is more effective than skin-on-skin cleansing and we’ll never look back. The Foreo Luna 4 Mini has already made up for its high price point and, as long as my skin remains smooth, clear, and healthy, we’re happy (and age-defying) customers.

Joey Skladany | SPY

Foreo Micro-Foam Cleanser Review

In addition to the Foreo Luna 4 Mini and other facial cleansing tools, Foreo intelligently developed a micro-foam cleanser to be sold in tandem with its gadgets. The vegan, fragrance-free formula applied like any standard cleanser, but really shined when the device activated its micro-bubbles and caused it to foam. It was like a carwash for the face, but never once got out of control and crept near the sensitive eye area. 

While I do think it absorbed into the skin a bit quicker than I would have preferred (I always felt like I had to rush to rinse it off), it did leave the surface smooth and firm. I tried the Luna Mini with a few of my other favorite cleansers and the results were not as successful. That said, I don’t think this is a must-buy if you’re really pinching pennies. Most of the positive results can be attributed to the device itself. 

Joey Skladany | SPY