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Geologie Is the Award-Winning Personalized Skincare Solution Men Have Been Waiting For

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There was a time, not all that long ago, when skincare for men meant grabbing a bar of pumice-based tough-guy soap for your hands… and, sure, why not wash your face with it too? I mean, you’re already at the sink, and does the Charles Bronson look ever really go out of style?

Well, times have changed. We no longer have to prove our man cred by having a face that looks like an old catcher’s mitt and feels like burlap. Skincare for men is booming, with the shelves and websites overflowing with new men’s skincare products. But deep down, you’re still kinda clueless about which ones you need, right? (It’s OK, we’re just putting down the bar of Irish Spring, too.)

Thankfully, Geologie is here to do the legwork for your face. Geologie is a personalized skincare subscription service for men, with the products chosen specifically for you based on a 30-second diagnostic test, then delivered to your door every month. You get exactly the right stuff for your skin, without driving to the store and standing in front of the shelf with your mouth cluelessly hanging open.

The diagnostic test is simple. Just tell Geologie what your skincare goals are: UV/sun protection, wrinkle reduction, smoother or softer skin, reduced blemishes or discolorations, or you’re just not sure. A few more questions, and then you have your own custom skincare routine and associated products.

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Courtesy of Geologie
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Courtesy of Geologie

And Geologie doesn’t just send any clearance products they can find, a problem with some subscription boxes. In fact, Geologie’s line of face washes and eye creams has won numerous grooming awards. It’s a far cry from the cheap or greasy god-knows-what’s-in-it goop you’ll find at the pharmacy. Geologie’s line, created by its in-house team of chemists headed by prestigious dermatologist Dr. Steve Xu, is 100% cruelty-free and free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates or other potentially nasty ingredients.

Anchored by the nonabrasive Everyday Face Wash, Geologie has your mug covered 24 hours a day. Day and Night Creams, and a special Eye Cream designed to fight puffiness and dark rings, complete the lineup. As far as which ones you use when and how, that’s where the personalized program comes in. Plus, the subscription makes sure you’re always stocked.

We love this service, and we’re not alone. Geologie has earned places in the prestigious grooming awards for 2019 from both Men’s Health and Esquire magazine, along with Askmen, and it was named Best Customized Skincare for Men by Men’s Journal. 

Give it a shot. Take the quiz, and a 30-Day Complete Trial set is just $37. After that runs out, you can continue with any 90-day subscription of your choice, or buy any of the products a la carte.