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Review: GETMr. Is a New Daily Sunscreen and Moisturizer for Men

The dermatologists of the world seem to agree wholeheartedly about one thing: we should all be wearing a lot more sunscreen. Common wisdom holds that nothing ages you faster than the sun, and there are also more serious risks such as skin cancer. However, to be totally honest, I’m more motivated to wear sunscreen when I think about developing wrinkles, sun spots and dark circles before my 35th birthday. It’s not that I don’t think skin cancer is a big deal, but as I get deeper into my 30s, I want to hold onto the last remaining scraps of my youth for as long as possible.

That’s why I was excited to test out GETMr., a new daily sunscreen from the company of the same name. GETMr. is a zinc oxide sunscreen and moisturizer for men, and the company was founded by a mother-daughter team who wanted to give guys better options for a daily face sunscreen. Dr. Beth G. Goldstein is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She performs skin cancer surgery through her private practice located in North Carolina. She’s also a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Mohs Surgery.

Dr. Goldstein founded GETMr. with her daughter Elianna, whose father was diagnosed with skin cancer. Fortunately, he survived that scare, but the mother-daughter team was inspired to create a product that could help guys fight skin cancer.

Now, the duo has launched GETMr., and we had a chance to test out this new men’s skincare product for ourselves. For our full review, plus some insight from Dr. Goldstein on the risks of skin cancer, keep reading.

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Introducing GETMr. The Daily Sunscreen for Men

Part moisturizing face lotion, part broad-spectrum mineral SPF 30 sunscreen, The Daily is an anti-aging skincare product that protects your skin from the effects of sun exposure (It can even be used as an aftershave.) The Daily’s formula contains a “proprietary blend of antioxidants, niacinamide, and more to refresh and restore your skin.” Niacinamide is a great ingredient to look for in anti-aging products, and The Daily also contains coconut oil extract, almond oil and botanical extracts to moisturize and refresh the sensitive skin on your face.

This grooming product is also free from parabens, animal cruelty, sulfates and chemical SPF. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, The Daily is also non-comedogenic (which means it’s been dermatologist-tested for acne-prone skin). Natural sunscreens are better for the earth and your skin, and this product has a lot of features we look for in skincare products.

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Courtesy of GETMr.

Do I Really Need To Use Sunscreen Every Day?

I know that applying sunscreen every day can be a tough sell for guys. While women are used to applying makeup and skincare products on a daily basis, most guys have less experience with a daily skincare regimen. So do you really need to put on sunscreen every single morning?

I asked Dr. Goldstein this question, and she was sympathetic to my concerns.

“As a dermatologist, I actually answer this question all of the time to friends, family members and even my sons,” Dr. Goldstein told me over email. “The quickest analogy is brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t brush your teeth only once a year after Halloween, right? Well, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t wear SPF just on the Fourth of July if you don’t want to experience skin cancer and wrinkles. It takes less time than brushing your teeth and is proven to have long-lasting impacts on your appearance and your health.”

In addition, Dr. Goldstein flagged three potential risks guys face when they avoid a daily application of sunscreen:

  • “Men are 3x more likely to develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and by 2040, melanoma will be the most common invasive cancer in men.”
  • “Damage to the skin from the sun accumulates over a lifetime. Each time the tan or burn fades, the DNA damage remains. This damage results from both UVA and UVB rays, which can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and brown spots. Up to 90% of signs of aging can be reduced with a daily SPF product.”
  • “Most men understand investments. Well, this is an investment that pays dividends. Rather than spend hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars at a doctor’s office in the future on surgery or expensive lotions, you could incorporate this as an enjoyable part of your morning routine in 15 seconds.”

What We Liked About GETMr. The Daily

First off, as an e-commerce editor who gets new grooming product samples on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis, I’m a sucker for clever product design. The Daily features a unique twisting pop-up design. With a simple twist, the pump dispenser pops up into view. When you’re done, simply twist again and the dispenser disappears back inside the rectangular bottle.

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Courtesy of GETMr.

Of course, cool product design is a nice bonus, but it means nothing if the product isn’t any good. Fortunately, the product is very good indeed. I found that a small amount of The Daily went a long way, and it was easy to apply and absorbed relatively quickly for a mineral-based sunscreen. During a week-long trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where the sun was shining all day long, The Daily fully protected my face and neck from sunburns. It’s too soon to speak to the anti-aging properties of this product, but I can tell you that The Daily effectively moisturized my skin and left it feeling soft and smooth.

If you’re already using a daily moisturizer (or are looking for one), then using one with SPF 30 protection is a smart way to combine two products in one. So if you’re looking for a new daily face moisturizer with added SPF protection, this is a fantastic product. For guys with all types of skin, The Daily is the face sunscreen and moisturizer your skincare regimen is missing.


What We Didn’t Like About The Daily

The drawbacks to The Daily are the same as with any zinc-oxide-based sunscreens. Use too much and your skin will look a little pale. On top of that, I’ve always found mineral sunscreens to feel a bit thick on the skin. That being said, my girlfriend felt my skin before and after application and confirmed that it was soft to the touch post-application.

Basically, if you don’t like zinc-oxide sunscreens, then The Daily isn’t for you.


The Verdict: Add To Cart

For any guys worried about skin cancer or the aging effects of the sun, a daily sunscreen is an absolute must. And if you want a daily sunscreen that’s free of chemical SPF, moisturizes your skin and contains anti-aging ingredients such as niacinamide, then The Daily absolutely belongs in your medicine cabinet.

Upgrade your daily skincare regimen with The Daily, a 2-in-1 product we think most guys will love. Right now, you can order The Daily via the GetMr. website. A single bottle is priced at $34.99, but you can save $10 by signing up for a recurring subscription.

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Courtesy of GETMr.

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