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Your Dad Taught You How to Shave – It’s Time to Return The Favor

This post is sponsored by Gillette, whose products we know and use. All opinions are our own.

We all remember THE TALK. No, not that one, but rather the first time we talked to our dad about shaving.

Whether you were overly excited at a few stray hairs on your chin, or you were sprouting a full-grown beard in junior high, we all share similar memories of asking our dads to help us fix our facial hair. The conversations might not have been the same — some a little awkward, others definitely awkward — but we ended up with some pretty good advice, with tips and tricks that have stayed with us till this day.

But what if we told you dad was doing it all wrong?

This Father’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Gillette on Demand to highlight some new shaving innovations that will change the way you think about your shaving routine. Read up on these new hacks, then pick up a special Father’s Day Gift Pack for your dad – and maybe add one to the cart for yourself as well.

1. Try a Heated Razor

There are many reasons why those expensive barber shops always offer you a hot towel before your shave. The heat helps to soften the hairs on your face, making it easier for the blade to glide through. The steam from the towel, meantime, adds moisture to the skin and hair, helping to prevent nicks or tugging on a dry face and facial hair. Ultimately, it is the comfort of the hot towel that really elevates the experience.

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Taking these considerations in mind, GilletteLabs is introducing a heated razor for spring. The handsome, limited-edition razor heats up in less than a second and delivers three different heat settings, depending on how warm you want to feel. The warming bar was developed to mimic the comfort of a hot towel with every stroke, gliding smoothly over your skin for a silky soft finish.

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Unlike an electric shaver, which can often get tangled up in its charging cable, the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs sits on a wireless magnetic charging stand, that gets you up to six shaving sessions per charge. Place the razor back on the stand after use, and it’ll be powered up and ready to go when you are.

For my working class dad, just going to a proper barbershop was considered a treat, and he’s definitely never had a hot shave. Getting him this heated razor for Father’s Day will be a nice way to present him with something special, while also upgrading his daily shaving experience.

Note: The product will not ship until mid-late May. Customers can preorder the product now and will only be charged once the product ships. Limited quantities available.


2. Upgrade Your Razor

My father taught me how to shave using a cheap electric razor. What’s worse, rather than purchasing a brand new razor to celebrate my passage into manhood, he pulled out a plastic portable shaver he kept in his travel kit, and made me shave with its dull and choppy electric blades. Needless to say, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

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These days, I’ve switched over to Gillette razor blades, and I’m eager to switch my dad over as well. With more than 100 years in the skin care business, Gillette knows a thing or two about shaving, and their new “Gillette on Demand” program lets choose your preferred blade from several different options that are each uniquely tuned to how you like to shave and how your skin reacts to a razor.

For Father’s Day, I’m introducing my dad to the Fusion ProShield, which features five precision blades, a precision trimmer (say, for edgework or sideburns), a “Flexball” (which lets the blade move and pivot to reach all angles of your face), and lubrication strips before and after the blade. Look closely and you’ll also notice a MicroComb, that helps guide stubble to the blades.

For someone who isn’t used to manual razors, this is an easy one for my dad to master. The five blades and Flexball technology means the razor will easily roll through contours and crevices to get virtually every hair. The generous lubrication strips, meantime, help prevent skin irritation while you shave. The ProShield doesn’t require any charging, works well even in the shower, and gets those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

This Father’s Day ProShield Gift Pack is just $16 and gets you (or dad) a fancy “Premium Edition” handle, one cartridge, and a magnetic razor stand that serves as proper storage — and a handsome display piece.

This product is available for purchase now.

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