The Hot Shave Is Back Thanks to the Rechargeable Heated Razor From GilletteLabs

spy finds heated razor
Courtesy of The Art of Shaving

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It’s hard to get a good shave anymore. That’s not just a boomer complaint. Barbers working with a straight edge blade and those awesome hot towels are mostly a relic of the past, replaced by seemingly hundreds of yawn-inducing, skin-raking, in-grown hair creating brands of disposable razors.

You can now closely approximate this lost art in your own home, courtesy of The Art of Shaving and the GilletteLabs Heated Razor. This is the world’s first heated razor, and it delivers skin-soothing warmth with each and every stroke. Chosen for top awards by Gear Patrol, Men’s Health, and CES, this is the pure luxury your face has been missing. Heat, which prepares both your skin and your facial hair for the razor, is the secret to a great shave. That makes this grooming gadget particularly ingenious.

heated razor Courtesy of The Art of Shaving
gillette labs heated razor Courtesy of The Art of Shaving

The key innovation here — and you will wonder like we do why nobody has thought of this before — is the stainless-steel warming bar. It heats up almost instantly with the touch of a button, and it can be set to two different levels of temperature for optimal comfort. It’s powered by four intelligent heat sensors to maintain even heat throughout your shave.

You’ll get up to six shaves on one full charge from the included magnetic charging dock, which doubles as a stand for your razor. It’s also waterproof, in case you like to shave in the shower to multitask and spare your sink those awful clogs.

The heat teams up with the premium five-blade GilletteLabs Heated Razor Cartridge (two are included, and the Heated Razor only takes this specific kind of refill) and powers through your toughest stubble like, well, a hot blade through butter. (Shave butter, if you’re so inclined.) And instead of leaving behind that raw, rough feeling like many disposable razors, you’re left with that soothing warmth wherever the blade has been, like those hot towels from the barbershop.

Even without the heating element, this would be a pretty great razor. The FlexDisc technology contours to your face, delivering a smooth, even shave. The handle is made of premium-grade aluminum-zinc, which feels sturdy in your hand and looks good on your counter, unlike those cheap plastic disposables.

The $200 price tag from The Art of Shaving may seem steep (and let’s be honest, it is steep), but when you include the price of tips that’s equivalent to five or six trips to a high-end barbershop that still gives hot-towel shaves, and good luck finding one of those to begin with. If you take pride and care in your grooming routine, then you’ll love the sensation of a heated blade slicing through your stubble. And, at least for now, the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs is the only razor of its kind in the world.