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Grip Clean Is A Heavy Duty Hand Soap Made From 100% Natural Dirt (Yes, Dirt)

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Today, a lot of soaps are marketed as “all natural” and pure. But what if we told you that they don’t hold a candle to Grip Clean, a soap that’s infused with 100% natural… dirt.

It’s cosmetic-grade Bentonite clay, to be more precise. Instead of chemicals, solvents, or detergents, Grip Clean combines this natural clay with ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil. And yet even without any of those harsh chemicals, Grip Clean cleans circles around the competition.

Let’s skip straight to the dirt. Bentonite clay is actually the best substance in the world at absorbing grease, oil, chemicals, toxins, and basically everything you can cake your hands with during a hard day’s work. The clay easily absorbs the nastiest stuff you can imagine, and then it’s all rinsed away. Grip Clean also contains pumice, another natural exfoliant to power away all of the grime.

The guys who work the hardest get the dirtiest. We’re talking to about the farmers, auto mechanics, fabricators, landscapers, and construction workers. The ones who deal with serious dirt, grease, oil, or even worse stuff on a daily basis. The grime that lingers on your skin no matter how hard you scrub. Grip Clean was designed for you. Outdoor guys and hunters? Grip Clean tackles lead, gun oil, brass, smoke odor, blood, fish scent, tree sap, and more.

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The founder of Grip Clean was a professional X-games motorcyclist who discovered that rubbing his hands in dirt helped wash away motor oil and grease better than any soap on the market. So, with an assist from Shark Tank, he developed a dirt-infused soap for the masses. While the clay and pumice wash away dirt and grime, the natural soap’s other ingredients (olive, coconut, and lime oils)  moisturize your skin. The lime oil also helps you naturally degrease and smells great. The olive oil reduces inflammation and the redness of your skin. Thanks to these benefits, this natural soap can be used multiple times a day without rubbing your hands raw.

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Once in your hands, Grip Clean starts out light brown, but it changes colors as you work it in. That’s because it’s absorbing all of the nasty toxic sludge you’ve accumulated during your workday and lifting it away from your skin. It rinses away easily, leaving you with clean hands.

Grip Clean is powerfully concentrated, two times more than most other liquid hand soaps. Grip Clean comes in 10-ounce tubes for the bathroom or kitchen. But if you want and need massive crud-busting power, go for the 64-ounce, wall dispenser, or gallon-sized refill bottles. Get every guy in the shop hooked on the incredible cleaning power of GripClean.