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Get Your Personalized Scent With Hawthorne’s Tailored Cologne & Soap

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Few things are trickier than fragrance pour homme. You might think that new cologne smells great on you while, in fact, it comes off more like the infamous Sex Panther from Anchorman: A formidable, nostril-stinging scent that smells like pure gasoline.

But who can you trust when it comes to putting your best scent forward? Your wife or girlfriend? Your little brother offering to share his noxious bargain-bin spray cans? Trust yourself instead with some very detailed help from Hawthorne.

Hawthorne’s direct-to-consumer service began in 2017 with premium customized cologne based on a detailed online quiz. The service took off, and now Hawthorne delivers a full suite of grooming products designed specifically for you, based on that same quiz. The brand recently introduced new face wash options, which are crafted with ingredients like shea butter, avocado and charcoal.

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Courtesy of Hawthorne
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Hawthorne

Sign on to Hawthorne’s website and you’re presented with 21 questions ranging from the obvious (skin type, grooming habits) to the befuddling (favorite drink, ideal night out). Bear with it and don’t overthink things, the results are worth it. At the end of the quiz, your personalized set of two colognes is ready, along with customized deodorant and body wash. You can add on shampoo and conditioner if you want the full grooming treatment.

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The two colognes — “Work” and “Play” —cost $100; the deodorant and body wash set is $34; and the hair set of shampoo and conditioner is $38. You can get all six with a subscription for refills for $144, or you can just sign up for parts of the suite for a discounted subscription. Hawthorne is also expanding its line of men’s grooming products.

Once you receive your first delivery, it’ll be obvious that this is not your usual subscription box service. The simple black packaging itself shows a cleanness and sophistication, and the cologne bottles are not the bargain variety you’ll have to hide in your medicine chest. The shipping is fast and Hawthorne’s customer service has been earning rave reviews across social media.

The deodorants are super long-lasting and will easily outlast that stick of, well, whatever you’ve been using since middle school. The body wash lathers up nicely and has an invigorating minty tingle to it, as does the shampoo. They’re designed to last nine weeks until your next shipment arrives once you subscribe.

And, yeah, as we said, scents are difficult to nail. Long quiz or not, your Play cologne might come off a little too powerful for you, or just not quite hit the right scent notes. No problem: Hawthorne will let you exchange it for a “re-tailored” formula. Since launch, Hawthorne has been relying on customer feedback to tweak its algorithms to get it just right.

Stop letting your girlfriend or wife pick your scents, and most definitely stop sneaking blasts from your brother’s mega-sized can of Axe Body Spray or your old man’s Old Spice. Hawthorne lets your tastes and your preferences inform your scent, custom-made and delivered to your door. You’re guaranteed a unique scent that’s all your own.