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Lived-In Review: Is Tend Skin The Best Razor Burn and Ingrown Hair Solution on The Market?

* Never worry about razor burn or ingrown hairs again
* Tend Skin is the only post-shave product you need
* Tested and proven by everyone from models to regular dudes

Men have been shaving for thousands of years, and for thousands of years they’ve been experiencing razor burn and ingrown hairs. They have plagued our jawlines for long enough. But we may have found the holy grail of aftershave products to usher in a new era of clean jawlines with no razor burn or ingrown hairs. Take it from us: Tend Skin Solution is the best aftershave product on the market today.

This alcohol-based solution is tested and proven to be the top product in the world for razor burn and ingrown hairs. The best part about it to me is how consistent it is. In the past I’ve tried other aftershave products and most of them have been hit and miss. The reliability of this product is what makes it a must for my toiletries.


The very discovery of Tend Skin is rooted in its unbelievable effectiveness. According to, this aftershave originated in a dentist’s office. The dentist’s patient was a private investigator with a razor burn problem that he had been experiencing all the way back into his military days when he was required to be clean shaven. Medication was given to the patient for pain relief and to his surprise, it cleared up his skin overnight. Riveted, the patient returned to the dentist to find out what he was being given and discuss what a breakthrough this was. After nine years of perfecting the formula, together they created a product that can be easily applied straight to the skin with astonishingly consistent and effective results. They called it Tend Skin Solution.

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Tend Skin Solution was introduced to me by a photographer after he needed me to shave. He told me, “This is the best stuff out there, believe me. I’ve been all around the world and you will not find anything like this.” He handed me the blue bottle and had me rub it in after my shave. Sure enough my skin was as clean and clear as it had ever been the whole photoshoot. You will not find another product that is so sternly backed by professional stylists as well as photographers.

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The recommended application of this product varies for each person. The obvious time it should be used is after you shave and dry your skin, but even if you haven’t shaved in awhile and notice some skin irritation, apply it straight to the trouble areas and watch it clear up overnight. Be careful though. This product is mainly alcohol and if you apply too much and get some in your eye you would be in trouble. A little goes a long way with Tend Skin.

Put a few drops between your palms and dab into the skin with your fingertips. You’ll feel a slight tingle, but as with most aftershave solutions, that’s to be expected. Let the skin settle and then apply your usual moisturizer or sunscreen on top to seal everything in.


After my experience with Tend Skin Solution on my photoshoot I purchased it and have been using it after every shave since and couldn’t be happier with the results. And don’t think that this product can only be used on your face. We all owe it to ourselves, and our mates, to keep those areas south of the border trimmed up too. Don’t hesitate to apply Tend Skin to any region of your body as it is safe for all surfaces of skin. Some users swear by it on their underarms too, as an effective deodorant alternative.

For a long time I gave up on searching for a consistently reliable product like this. Now, I’d be confident to shave ten minutes before a date and know that Tend Skin has got my back.

From one guy to another, if you’re shaving consistently, you need this product. Not having to worry about razor burn or ingrown hairs ever again will feel like such a burden lifted off your shoulders, making shaving something to look forward to again.

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