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Face Facts: Skincare Is for Men Too, and the Bro Mask Is Meant for Your Mug

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When someone mentions face masks, the first place your mind goes is probably to the snarky one-liners you sling at your girlfriend or wife when she comes out of the bathroom wearing one. When someone mentions face masks for men, where does it go? Dwight and the CPR doll from The Office? Mrs. Doubtfire?

Save the snark, pal: It’s because you’re a red-blooded male that you actually need a mask more than your girl. All that testosterone makes your skin thicker, oilier, and more acne-prone than women’s skin. But we’re not going to send you running for her medicine cabinet to poach one of hers — the Bro Mask from Jaxon Lane is made for you.

The Bro Mask is made of 100% hydrogel, which sticks to living tissue far better than cotton, which most masks are made from. It hydrates and delivers active ingredients to your skin much more effectively than those cotton masks. Hydrogel is used by doctors on wounds to deliver medicine and promote healing, and the same delivery system will keep your face hydrated and protected.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

The mask is made with advanced Korean skincare technology and high-quality ingredients: Vitamin B3 and ginger extract to improve acne and reduce redness and inflammation; collagen to keep your skin firm; and green tea extract to soothe your skin and decrease the effects of sun damage.

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There’s also licorice root extract containing licochalcone, which helps control oil production and calms acne-prone skin. Seaweed extract delivers vitamins A, E and K, and peptides stimulate the regeneration of collagen. The overall effect: use the Bro Mask once or twice per week and your skin will look more evenly toned, hydrated, and healthier than ever.

So besides the name, what makes the Bro Mask better for men? Those active ingredients listed above come in a greater concentration than in masks intended for women. The mask itself is larger, and it also comes in two pieces, so that winter beard you still haven’t shaved off is no excuse to not try the Bro Mask. It was also named Best Mask in 2019 in the grooming awards of both Men’s Health and the Manual Guide.

Whether you realize it or not, your face takes a beating in your everyday life. Sun damage regardless of the season, dryness causing uneven tone and blotchiness, and those lines already beginning to encroach on your face — all great reasons to take care of your skin. This mask is formulated specifically for your mug — it’s the only one you get.