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Kiehl’s Is Having a Rare Buy One, Get One Sale Tonight (Plus More Ways to Save on Kiehl’s Products)

It’s August. It’s a million degrees outside. Our pores are getting more and more clogged with each dollop of sweat that drips down our faces. It’s time for some self-care in the form of skincare, and Kiehl’s is making it easy by offering a buy one get one free sale for some of their bestselling skincare products.

Kiehl’s is a dominant player in the skincare game and has won numerous SPY awards. They make the best men’s face moisturizers, offer one of the best grooming kits, and make some splurge-worthy face masks. Our editors have seen serious results from our favorite Kiehl’s products, and the brand has proven popular among women and men alike.

The only downside to Kiehl’s products? Price.

Fortunately, in addition to this BOGO deal on select Kiehl’s products, we have some insider tips on saving money on some of Kiehl’s best products.


Tips for Making the Most out of Kiehl’s Products


  • Take advantage of this rare BOGO deal. Some popular Kiehl’s products are currently available as part of a Buy One, Get One sale that ends today. This is a rare opportunity from Kiehl’s, so you’ll want to stock up.
  • Don’t buy Kiehl’s products on Amazon. Kiehl’s doesn’t offer an official Amazon storefront. Any Kiehl’s products you see on Amazon are listed by third-party sellers, which means you end up paying more.
  • Shop Bundles. Kiehl’s offers a ton of bundles that help you save. By purchasing a few products together, Kiehl’s takes a few dollars off the combined price of each product individually. Bundles are also great for those who are unsure which products to add to their skincare routine.
  • Learn how to apply skincare products without wasting them. Hairstylist and television personality Jonathan Van Ness is an expert on all things grooming. Watch him run through his at-home skincare routine to learn how to apply your favorite skincare products without wasting them. We’ve learned a few tips from Van Ness, including using skincare spatulas for pricey products and applying expensive lotions to the back of your hand instead of your fingertips or the palm of your hand. Check out the linked video for more money-saving tips.

Remember, the BOGO deal on Kiehl’s products ends tonight. Before it does, check out some of our favorite Kiehl’s products and bundles on sale right now.


1. Ultra Facial Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is great for all skin types. It’s effective in cleansing your face without stripping it of any natural moisture or essential oils. We recommend stocking up on this now, as it’s included in the BOGO deal and you can never have too much cleanser.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser


2. Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

This hydrating water cream infused with Calendula petals helps soothe skin and combats uneven texture, dullness and dry fine lines. Replace your drugstore lotion with this lightweight, gel moisturizer for a burst of freshness morning and night.


Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Kiehl's

3. Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector

This serum is suitable for all skin types and helps reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation and post-acne marks. When used over time, this corrector can brighten and produce a more even skin tone. This is an especially luxurious product from Kiehl’s and the BOGO deal makes it worth the money.

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Courtesy of Kiehl's

4. Facial Fuel Starter Value Bundle

Instead of buying a cleanser and moisturizer separately, save a few dollars with this Facial Fuel bundle. This energizing men’s cleanser and moisturizer include caffeine and menthol to refresh, stimulate and reduce uneven texture.

SAVE $10


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Courtesy of Kiehl's

5. The Ultimate Kiehl’s Skincare Discovery Set

If you’re thinking about starting a new skincare routine, check out this Kiehl’s value bundle. Valued at $93, you’ll get 5 Kiehl’s products to cleanse, treat, replenish and hydrate your skin. With five products for only $58, this is one of the best values offered by Kiehl’s.

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Courtesy of Kiehl's

6. Ultimate Shave Collection Value Bundle

This online exclusive bundle gives you everything you’ll need for a clean-shaven face, and it includes three of our favorite Kiehl’s for men products (the Facial Fuel Moisturizer, the Post-Shave Lotion, and the Facial Fuel face wash for men). It includes a cleanser, moisturizer, shave cream and bump relief cream. Snag this bundle for smoother, fresher skin following your morning shave. More importantly, try out some of the best Kiehl’s products and save some money in the process.

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Courtesy of Kiehl's

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