The Best Luxury Brands to Shop on Amazon (Because Convenience and Quality Aren’t Mutually Exclusive)

Luxury Brands to Shop on Amazon

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With designer labels like Gucci and Off-White being such a hot topic in the world of men’s fashion, it’s no wonder that Amazon wants to be part of the conversation. Over the last few months, we’ve seen more and more luxury brands on Amazon and Amazon Prime. With up-and-coming menswear brands like Billy Reid launching official Amazon stores, we wondered — what luxury menswear and grooming brands can you buy on Amazon?

The options aren’t exactly endless, but you can find brands such as Gucci, Billy Reid and even Movado on Amazon. Previously, you could only find designer items like this in high-end department stores or exclusive shopping destinations like SoHo or Beverly Hills. With Gucci loafers listed alongside paper-towels and AA batteries, Amazon is making this market more accessible. That may not be in the best interest of luxury designers, who want to maintain an air of exclusivity, but it can be a great option for shoppers who aren’t afraid of convenience.

Here at SPY, we take grooming seriously. The men’s grooming market hasn’t always been the playground that it is today, and we’re thankful for sites like Amazon that make it easy to shop for luxury grooming products like La Mer, Jack Black and V76 by Vaughn.

Amazon has found a way to infiltrate the luxury market, and we’ve made some grooming and style brand suggestions that we feel are worth the clicks. Here are nine luxury brands men can now shop on Amazon.


1. Jack Black

Jack Black started over 20 years ago because there were luxury skincare products for women but none for men. That is a gap that Jack Black continues to service with every product offered on their site and on Amazon. Often referring to their products as “no-nonsense,” the brand strives to make using their products easy and simple. Jack Black features shaving creams, beard lubes, facial scrubs, moisturizers, shampoos and many other products, seeking to be a haven for men wanting luxury skincare.


2. Billy Reid

Luxury design house Billy Reid is acclaimed around the world and even at the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Winning four CFDA awards, Billy Reid is a brand that’s functional and chic. With clothes that have a more laid-back feel that merges with the workwear aesthetic, Billy Reid is the perfect brand to help amplify your style. The brand now has its own Amazon store, which helps to make the brand more accessible and obtainable.

Billy Reid Amazon

3. Movado

Founded in 1967, Movado is a luxury watch brand that gives quality at an affordable price. Characterized by its signature metallic dot at the top of the dial, Movado creates elegant watches that will go along with anyone’s style. With sleek bands that add character, these watches are the cornerstone of style and affordability. The brand’s most popular model is the Men’s Museum watch.

Movado Amazon


4. Theory

Theory is a contemporary brand that focuses on looking comfortable yet fashionable. Founded back in 1997, Theory is a luxury brand that focuses on workwear staples while also breathing the duality of fun into their clothing. There are casual tops, pants and even hoodies, while on the flip side, the brand sells suits, sweaters and blazers. The brand is available on Amazon, which helps make them more approachable.

Theory Amazon

5. La Mer

La Mer is known for being a luxury skincare brand that has many different products to help you care for your skin. La Mer’s products are unisex. One of the most notable products from the brand is the Créme de la Mer, which helped the legacy brand get its start. The brand is available on Amazon, which helps bring luxury skincare to a bigger audience.

La Mer Amazon

6. Anthony

Developed in the heart of SoHo, NY, in 2000, Anthony is a luxury skincare brand that caters to the needs of men and women. The brand started because of the lack of skincare products for men during that time, and Anthony wanted to fill this need. Anthony uses advanced, cutting-edge techniques to bring men easy and effective skincare. Featuring natural ingredients and vitamins, Anthony wants skincare to be quick and effortless — maybe that’s also why they’re available on Amazon for easy purchasing?

Anthony Amazon

7. V76 by Vaughn

Grooming expert Vaughn Acord created V76 by Vaughn to create a line for men to become the fulfiller of their own hair and skin goals. Acord is no stranger to the hair business as he has a rich history of styling some of the biggest icons in the music and entertainment industry, such as Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett and Tom Brady. V76 by Vaughn’s products are petroleum-free, mineral-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free. The luxury skin and hair care brand is sold on Amazon, making it more accessible for regular people to get that superstar look.

V76 by Vaughn Amazon

8. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an American heritage brand that started in New York City in 1981. Kors has since become a household name as we see his brand in department stores and on runways alike. The Michael Kors brand is known for being “All-American” while mashing the contemporary ideals of sophistication and chicness into one garment. One of the most popular sectors for Kors watches. Typically emblazons with gold and silver bezels, Kors’s watches elevated the brand into new territories.

Michael Kors Amazon

9. Gucci

Probably one of the most well-known luxury fashion brands is Gucci. Founded in 1921, the brand started by selling leather bags to horsemen. Over the course of 100 years, Gucci has become a staple in the fashion industry by creating and shifting trends in the industry — and the brand’s watches, sunglasses and colognes continue to push this narrative. A very select few items from Gucci are for sale on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean that the brand won’t sell more items there in the future.

Buyer Beware: While you can find Gucci on Amazon, be sure to check to see if it’s being sold by a third-party retailer or directly from Amazon. Gucci is a commonly counterfeited brand. Always do a further deep dive into reviews and seller information before purchasing!

Gucci watch Amazon

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