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MATTIAS Founder Explains the Best Way to Apply Makeup for Guys

Real men wear makeup. That’s something Dee Draper learned firsthand from her guy friends often asking her to help cover a blemish before a night out or conceal dark circles before an interview. “We realized that men experience the same skin issues that women do and should also have the option to tackle them and cover them,” Draper says. That’s how the idea for MATTIAS came about. The affordable line of makeup for men is all about making it accessible in every way.

The concept inspired the name of the brand itself. “Our brand is all about normalizing the use of makeup among men, so it was important to use what could be a real guy’s name in our brand name,” explains Draper, now the CEO and Co-Founder of MATTIAS. “We went through about 40 different names but ultimately landed on MATTIAS, which resonated with us as it sounded like a guy you’d be friends with — but the trend-setter of the group. That friend who’s going to open your eyes to things you hadn’t considered before. We also love that it plays on the word ‘matte,’ which is a commonly used word in the makeup industry. An Easter egg, so to speak.”

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Courtesy of Jaime Pavon

MATTIAS launched with two products, which took two years to develop. “It was really important for us to partner with US-based manufacturers that use quality and cruelty-free ingredients; sourcing those partnerships and honing in on the perfect formulas takes time,” Draper says. MATTIAS COVER is a spot concealer that can be used on under-eye circles, blemishes or any other trouble spots. It’s chock full of vitamin E to help fight inflammation. MATTIAS LEVEL is a tinted moisturizer that helps to even out skin tone with very light coverage, as well as hydrate with loads of vitamin B5.

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While there is plenty of makeup out there that men can use, most is designed for women, making MATTIAS is one of the few makeup brands intentionally targeted toward men. MATTIAS is helping to create a new category by serving the specific makeup needs of men. “We’ve been diligent about spending time and resources to thoughtfully formulate our products with men’s skincare needs in mind,” Draper says.  “We believe paying attention to the details, such as the best level of moisturizing ingredients, or the perfect consistency for beard absorption, will cultivate a strong brand following. And though we believe in the performance of our formulas, what we believe we’re delivering is a space where men feel comfortable purchasing makeup.”


To take the guesswork out of applying makeup for men, Draper shares her step-by-step tips, much as she did with her friends who inspired the launch of MATTIAS:


  • Click the base of the pen (the first time will take a few clicks)
  • Cover the spots that need it (blemishes, dark circles, etc.)
  • Use your fingers to blend until undetectable
  • Layer for additional cover if needed
  • Use your favorite face wash or a simple soap to wash off at the end of the day
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Courtesy of Jaime Pavon


  • Squeeze a dime-sized amount of LEVEL onto your fingers
  • Apply evenly to your clean face (pro tip: complete your skincare routine prior to applying products)
  • Blend it in; the white product will begin to match your skin tone
  • Layer for additional coverage if needed
  • Use your favorite face wash or a simple soap to wash off at the end of the day
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Courtesy of Jaime Pavon

In the past, men have been left out of the conversation when it comes to makeup and MATTIAS aims to change that. “Historically, makeup brands have targeted and sold to more women-identifying audiences,” Draper says. “Furthermore, traditional retail settings like Sephora or the beauty isles in drugstores aren’t necessarily inviting the male demographic in. By contrast, the premise for MATTIAS is a makeup brand that’s specifically designed for a male-identifying audience. From the products to the packaging to the mode of delivery (DTC), we are crafting something new, that targets a historically underserved market within the makeup industries.”

The brand’s first priority is expanding its shade range. MATTIAS will also be shaped by their engage page, where customers share their feedback and have a say in future product development. Thanks to client demand, MATTIAS already has a face wash in the works. Ultimately, their future is about a lot more than just products, though. “The future of MATTIAS is laser-focused on breaking more boundaries, and ultimately helping to make the makeup industry a gender-inclusive space,” Draper says. “Our ultimate goal is to normalize the use of and conversation around makeup use among men. Society is shifting, and we’re proud to be a brand at the forefront of that leap forward.”


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