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Lived-In Review: Mënaji Men’s Skincare

* Durable, discreetly packaged “makeup” designed for men’s skin
* Available in six skintone-true shades for healthy, natural looking skin
* Made to counter higher oil production

Until recently, men’s makeup has never really received much attention or success, unlike women’s cosmetics, whose companies’ manufacture under numerous, globally-renowned brands: MAC, Clinique, Chanel, to name just a few. But that could be changing.

Launched since 2000, men’s cosmetics company Mënaji has steadily grown in popularity through the years, with a roster of products that not only hide blemishes for a healthy-looking complexion, but also work to reduce oil production and address the daily needs of men’s skin.

Men’s vanity is swelling. This is the new version of grooming for men. In the old days, it was a fine, polished wingtip shoe and a handsome hat. Now, it’s all about looking healthy and well-groomed, and smelling clean – Michele Probst, founder of Mënaji Men’s Skincare.

Mënaji hopes to trump the taboo that men can’t wear makeup, all the while producing anti-aging, sunless tanning, and concealer alternative makeup, making it the only such line in men’s grooming. Using their lineup of products, men have the tools to hide most blemishes, scars, burns, or any minor imperfections without giving away that they are using “makeup.” Also, the cosmetics come in multiple, easy-to-match skin shades, ensuring that all men have the ability to present their best face forward.

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I reviewed three of Mënaji’s cosmetics to better understand how they work, and to learn for myself if what they say about their beauty enhancing skincare products are true. I should say that, as a first-time user of makeup, I was impressed with the subtle, yet amplifying effects that Mënaji had on my complexion, which still has blemishes from years of acne as a teenager and often produces oily skin. Here’s what happened when I tested out three of the company’s best-selling products.

1. Mënaji CAMO Concealer

The first product I used was the Mënaji CAMO Concealer which fit comfortably in my pocket, close to the size of a lip balm. At first, I was a bit skeptical of how something so small could go a long way and reduce marks on my skin, but that changed immediately after applying it to not only my dark circles but also my pimples and light scars. The CAMO Concealer is a great tool for on-the-go skin treatment that is versatile on hiding marks all day. It’s been easy to carry around, and easy to use, offering some helpful touch-ups during some uneasy times.


2. Mënaji Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator

The Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator did not disappoint. Living in SoCal can often become a nuisance and lead to shiny, oily skin that looks magnified in the sun–especially if you’re like me and you apply sunscreen every day. However, this Mënaji product took some of the stress off my shoulders as I could finally stop constantly rubbing the excess oils from my nose, and instead apply a small coat of liquid powder over my sunscreen, or without sunscreen, to have a soft matte finish.

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Courtesy of Mënaji Advanced Men’s Skincare[/caption]


3.  Mënaji HDPV Anti-Shine Powder

The last product that I used was the anti-shine powder, which, unlike the shine eliminator, worked well for skin tone matching which I found beyond helpful. There are many reasons why some people have minor skin tones mismatches on their face — for me, it’s because I protect my nose and under the eyes the most from the sun, so those parts of my face are slightly lighter than the rest of my skin. As I mentioned above, I used to also struggle with teenage acne, which left some discoloration on the skin. Fortunately, using the Mënaji HDPV Anti-Shine Powder gave my face the natural coverage and balance I never knew my face could display. The best part: it was easy to use (I applied with the puff and then dabbed to even it out with my fingers) and it many not have been noticeable for people, but for me, it made a world of difference both for my skintone and my confidence.

I think it’s fair to say that as time progresses many things that were once the norm become outdated and for me, one of those things is male cosmetics. Growing up feeling like I couldn’t use makeup and only just recently trying men’s cosmetics has taught me that stepping away from the past ideology of skincare, can have a positive effect on how you feel and look.

The Mënaji products were easy to apply, and I liked the neutral-looking packaging, which didn’t scream “MAKEUP.” The concealer tube in particular, will be a go-to product that I carry around in my pocket for emergency touch-ups, while the shine eliminator helped me fix a problem I’ve always struggled with. Start with the concealer if you’re unsure about getting into this new grooming regime, then slowly add on the other two products. It’s time to embrace a whole new way of looking after your skin.