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Put Your Best Face Forward With A Micro Derma Needle Roller

Getting younger looking skin without a painful and expensive trip to the spa may seem too good to be true, but as the latest beauty trend of micro derma needle rollers continues to pick up steam and thousands of happy customers, it looks like these tiny rollers for your face may be the affordable way to finally get rid of wrinkles.

Derma rollers are the at-home version of microneedling, which is an expensive treatment performed by estheticians. Derma rollers work by making ‘controlled injuries’ to the face, with the small punctures caused by the needles sending a message to your body that you need to boost your collagen and elastin production, which in turns makes your skin appear plumper, giving a youthful glow and helping to reduce the severity of wrinkles and scars.

Because derma rollers use needles, it’s important to sterilize them between treatments and keep them in a clean container. We recommended using alcohol on the derma roller after each treatment and allowing it to fully air dry before placing it in a secure case. It’s imperative to never share your derma roller and replace it if it begins to discolor.

To use, first cleanse and dry your skin, applying serum or moisturizer if you choose. Then gently roll the derma roller vertically and diagonally four to five times on one part of your face. Once that’s complete, move on to another part of your face until you’ve treated your entire face. Always move slowly when using a derma roller and make gentle movements on your face.

When using a derma roller, it’s crucial to avoid sensitive areas, especially under the eyes where the skin is very thin. Those will skin issues like psoriasis, eczema and cystic acne should probably avoid derma rollers. After using a derma roller we recommend applying sunscreen before going outside as your skin will be more sensitive than usual. While some companies recommend using your roller multiple times per week, it’s much safer to limit use to twice per month or once per week.

Check out three of our favorite derma rollers below!

1. Sdara Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument

Featured by Glamour magazine, Nordstrom, Bustle and more, the Sdara Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument leaves skin with a healthy glow.

Pros: The Sdara features a 0.25mm needle length, which is ideal for exfoliating the skin. Sdara recommends using their roller once per week. Sdara’s roller is safe for home use and provides an easy skincare treatment that is painless and effective and perfect for those who are new to derma rolling. We like that Sdara sells its roller with a plastic carrying case to use for storage, helping to keep the roller clean.

Cons: Sdara recommends replacing your roller every one to two months if used regularly.

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2. Kitsch Derma Roller

Using surgical stainless steel, which is easier to sanitize than the commonly used titanium, the Kitsch Derma Roller promotes healthy looking skin.

Pros: The Kitsch comes with a clear protective case that is perfect for storing the roller between uses or using it as a travel case. Like the Sdara, the Kitsch uses a 0.25mm needle, the safest option for at-home use. Using surgical steel needles that are super sharp and can penetrate deep into the skin to provide better results, the Kitsch comes with a free E-book that helps guide new users and features several tips and tricks to derma rolling.

Cons: May be too sharp for those not used to the process.

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3. Linduray Skincare Derma Roller

Maximize the effectiveness of your favorite moisturizers and serums with the Linduray Skincare Derma Roller.

Pros: The Linduray is a 0.25mm mirco derm needle roller, much like the Sdara and Kitsch. The roller comes with three E-books that teach users how to use their derma roller, while also including tips and tricks from pros. Made with titanium, the Kitsch derma roller also comes with a storage case.

Cons: Can be quite painful.

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