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HETIME Is Changing How Men Feel About Face Masks — And Skin Care

You pick up a grooming product designed for men, take it home and try it, and it feels exactly like the one you’ve been stealing from the lady in your life. The thing is men actually have different skincare needs than women, and we’re not just talking about packaging. That’s why Samantha Bergmann and Christopher Carl co-founded HETIME, the first natural men’s face mask brand.

“Most brands out there still largely adhere to outdated, gender-stereotypical branding and communications norms,” Carl says in an interview with SPY. “At HETIME we want to include men in the skincare and self-care conversation by focusing on the value proposition of a skincare ritual and our products  — not by tricking them into buying something that is supposed to look ‘masculine’ in the outdated sense of the word.”

HETIME took the differences between men’s and women’s skin into account when creating their line of face masks. For example, men have a higher collagen density, so wrinkles tend to show up later for them, but they’re often deeper compared to women’s, which makes a proactive anti-aging regimen essential.

“In addition to their beard area, men have up to 25% thicker skin, more sebaceous glands and larger pores — our formulas have been developed to take those differences into account for optimal performance,” Bergmann says. “Besides taking anatomical and biological differences into account, men’s products should be inviting and inclusive. It is a fact that men in general are still at the beginning of fully embracing skin and self-care so creating products that are enticing without resorting to outdated gender stereotypes is the key, in our opinion.”

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It was also crucial for them to focus on natural ingredients and formulas. “Natural ingredients are generally gentler, have less side effects and are easier on the environment, all the while providing outstanding effects when sourced responsibly,” Bergmann says. “Chemically derived fragrances, for instance, are known to be potential irritants and harmful for your skin. Our masks smell great without any added fragrances but simply because of our natural, active ingredients.”

It’s no coincidence that HETIME decided to launch with face masks. “It turns out, sheet masks are the superhero among skincare products,” Carl says. “They work their magic by trapping heat between your skin and the mask’s fabric, allowing your skin to absorb active ingredients quicker and more effectively…Think of a sheet mask as multiple skincare care sessions in one.”

Of course, the HETIME co-founders recommend that face masks be part of a larger skincare routine, which should also encompass washing your face in the morning and evening with a gentle cleanser and moisturizing. That’s why eventually they plan to expand to other skincare categories. “Our mission is to change men’s relationship with skin and self-care and all our future products will support this mission,” Bergmann says. “We are certainly not a mask-only brand so this is just the beginning.”

To get the most out of masking, start with clean hands and a clean, freshly washed face. “Wear for at least 20 minutes and spend them however you wish — our masks are designed to stay in place so feel free to be active,” Carl says. “After taking the mask off, simply rub any remaining serum into your skin and you’ll see how it will continue to work its magic for hours to come. You can use our masks one to three times a week, whenever you need that extra boost of energy, want to combat signs of aging or simply want to take some well-deserved me-time.”

Ultimately, it’s not just your skin that HETIME wants to change — it’s also how you feel about grooming. “The way men use skincare has not changed over the years,” Carl says. “It’s not something you look forward to but rather feels like a chore, an unconscious process that merely addresses a problem.” Instead, Carl believes your skincare routine should be “Like your morning cup of coffee” and “something that you just can’t wait to indulge in, a ritual with purpose.”

To give your grooming routine a refresh, give one of HETIME’s face masks for men a try.


Revitalizing & Hydrating Face Mask

Made out of biodegradable cellulose fiber, this multitasker checks off several boxes. It zaps zits, brings life back into your skin and brightens and tackles dullness — all thanks to a combination of moringa, cedarwood and baobab.

Lazy loaded image

Anti-Aging & Hydrating Face Mask

Thirsty skin will drink this moisturizing mask right up. It also turns back the clock by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles over time, courtesy of frankincense, green tea and coconut water.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of HETIME

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