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Lived-In Review: “Nu” Face – Get Smoother, Brighter Skin in Just 3 Minutes A Day

* Instantly firm, smooth and brighten the skin
* Formulated to deliver bursts of energy giving your skin continual benefits throughout the day
* Ideal for dehydrated skin 

You might think the last thing you need is another anti-aging gimmick. We are bombarded with moisturizers, creams, serums and masks with the promise of reduced lines and wrinkles, brighter, firmer and all over smoother skin. Heck, we even write about most of these products! And while most of them do work, it does help to complement your skincare regime time and again with a device that was made to penetrate deeper into the skin, similar to those in a dermatologist’s office (that have been approved for home use), ensuring you are combating the problem from all ends of the spectrum.

One gadget in particular that has caught our attention as a great starter skincare device is the NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Device. The FIX is the first FDA-cleared, pen-size microcurrent device ideal for cosmetic use. It will instantly help firm, smooth and tighten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

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Image Courtesy NuFACE Image Courtesy NuFACE


The device works by providing gentle NuFACE microcurrent energy to instantly firm, smooth and tighten the look of skin. And when used in conjunction with the NuFACE FIX Serum, which is supercharged with active beauty ingredients, the device instantly targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Using the NuFACE Smoothing Device is easy – apply a mask-like layer of the FIX Serum on clean skin to your selected treatment area and using the FIX Device ‘feathering’ technique, treating any areas of concern. The quick erasing motion delivers bursts of energy helping to firm, smooth and tighten skin. Treatment areas include but are not limited to: wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, forehead and nasolabial folds. Treat each area for 3 minutes (the device will automatically turn off after 3 minutes), up to 2 times per day.

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The FIX Serum is an integral part of using the process as it not only helps the device glide easily over the skin but it is also the first ever Microcurrent Skincare in a serum. This formula works within the skin surface to help fight the signs of premature aging and provide long-lasting hydration. Ingredients include a Pure Energy Blend proprietary complex with magnesium enriched gemstones to recharge skin with bursts of energy while locking in moisture. Also included is a smart peptide system to maximize the efficacy by targeting and fighting the look of expression lines, helping to smooth the look of skin.

A great tip and added bonus is the ability to use the serum alone to refresh and brighten your look.

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Image Courtesy NuFACE Image Courtesy NuFace


The FIX is a great complimentary device to add to any already stellar skincare routine. This beauty duo can be used almost anywhere at any time and with daily use, your fine lines are definitely smoothed out. The area I most noticed an improvement in was the under-eye area – any dark circles were diminished and the area was more even and brighter overall. My favorite area to ‘fix’ was definitely my lips as those fine lines need all the plumping and smoothing possible.

One caveat: the amount of serum that comes with the device is quite small (0.25 fl. oz) which equates to approximately a 30-day supply with daily use. Extra serum is available to purchase, however at $49 it can get quite pricey depending on how often you use the device. The upside is, as this serum is supercharged with active beauty ingredients, it can be used on its own as a cutting-edge, refreshing skincare boost.

Overall, as a fellow skincare enthusiast, I would highly recommend the NuFACE FIX. While nothing will stop the aging process, the immediate results you get are satisfying. The small, convenient size allows for easy travel, enabling you to continue treatments wherever you may go and the overall confidence boost you receive feels amazing.