Review: Oars + Alps Drops New Natural Deodorant & Face Wipes for Men in January 2021

oars + alps new products review
Courtesy of Oars + Alps

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Oars + Alps is one of SPY’s favorite men’s grooming brands, and we recently featured the Oars + Alps Cooling Body Wipes in the 2020 SPY Man Awards. And as more guys look for grooming products made with natural ingredients, we’re not the only ones who are paying attention. Started by two women who noticed how dirty their woodsy, outdoorsy husbands got, the company helps guys look and smell their best.

In January 2021, the company added two new products to its product line: Unscented Natural Deodorant and Anti-Everything Pads. Oars + Alps sent me these new products for testing purposes, and I was excited to give them a shot. An Oars + Alps representative said that these new products focus on sensitive skin types and seek to bring the moisture back to your skin, something I can definitely appreciate during the winter months.

oars + alps unscented deodorant Oars + Alps

Like other Oars + Aps products, the aluminum-free deodorant uses natural ingredients to nourish your skin and regulate body odor. “The formula uses natural prebiotics to prevent body odor,” the company wrote in a recent press release. “These special ingredients work with your skin’s microbiome to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.”

Then there are the Anti-Everything Pads, which are designed to “help clear your complexion and minimize pores. “This plant-based formula contains 10% Glycolic Acid and 0.5% of Salicylic Acid for a gentle chemical exfoliation that will leave your face feeling smooth.”

The new Oars + Alps products can be purchased from the company’s online store, and customers can find the company’s products for sale at retailers such as Amazon and Target. Below, you can read my full review of these new men’s grooming products. I’ve also included some of my other favorite products from Oars + Alps as well.


Unscented Aluminum Free Deodorant

Oars + Alps offers a full line of aluminum-free deodorant in a variety of scents that will help you smell good without the potential side effects of aluminum. In recent years, a lot of guys have made the switch to natural deodorant over concerns about the long-term health impacts of aluminumWhen making the switch to aluminum-free deodorant, it can take about four weeks of detoxification to achieve optimal results, and I think it’s worth the change. I liked how after about 2-3 weeks of using this new deodorant, I was sweating minimally under my arms, and I couldn’t smell my underarms either.

While Oars + Alps has a variety of natural deodorants, this is the first unscented option for guys with very sensitive skin. To stop sweat and mask body odor, Oars + Alps uses ingredients such as diatomaceous earth, arrowroot powder and witch hazel bark extract. Instead of aluminum, the deodorant’s formula “works with your skin’s microbiome to promote healthy bacteria and prevent the bacteria that causes body odor.”

Who It’s For: Guys with sensitive skin or fragrance sensitivies. Anyone who wants to stop using aluminum antiperspirants.

Oars + Alps Deodorant Oars + Alps

Anti-Everything Pads

Filled with Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid, this plant-based option is great for those “first thing in morning” face cleanses. Using this product in the morning really helped me feel like my skin was clean and prepped for the day. These pads are a great first step if you have a more involved skincare routine. The small, circular pads had little pockets of cotton on one side that were great for exfoliation, and they’re easily one of the best Oars + Alps products I’ve tried so far.

Who It’s For: The Anti-Everything Pads are great for guys who are dealing with skin problems like breakouts, blackheads, razor bumps, ingrown hairs or hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

Oars + Alps Anti-Everything Pads Oars + Alps


Wake Up Face Serum

The Natural Wake Up Face Serum was first released in July 2020, and I also got the chance to test this product. The non-greasy formula helps to brighten your skin and the dark circles under your eyes. Oars + Alps makes some of the best under-eye treatments for men, and this is a great solution for guys who are starting to show the first signs of aging. Made with vitamin C, vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid, this product helps your skin retain moisture. This product is one of the few that I’ve been testing, and I can say that I’m happy with the results. With consistent usage, I’ve been able to intensely moisturize my face and minimize the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes. And on days when I didn’t get a full eight hours of sleep, this serum made it look like I did.

Who It’s For: Guys dealing with wrinkles and fine lines. Guys with dark spots, dry or blotchy skin.

Oars + Alps Face Serum Oars + Alps


Wake Up Eye Stick With Caffeine

Another favorite from my testing is the Wake Up Eye Stick with Caffeine. Finding effective under-eye products to fight dark circles is tough, but this has long been a SPY favorite. In addition to the Wake-Up Serum, this product really helped minimize my dark circles. The rollerball applicator makes for easy application, and it also helps with de-puffing the bags under your eyes. Thanks to the menthol and caffeine, you’ll feel energized and your eyes will be ready for another busy day of Zoom calls.

Who It’s For: Anyone dealing with under-eye bags or stubborn dark circles.

Oars + Alps Wake Up Eye Stick Oars + Alps

Face Moisturizer and Eye Cream

Another arsenal in the Oars + Alps wheelhouse is this general moisturizer that doubles as an eye cream. This is a day-to-day moisturizer that is non-greasy and will make your skin feel moisturized and healthy. It is unscented and works for all skin types.

Who It’s For: Guys who are worried about aging. Guys with under-eye circles that won’t go away.

Oars + Alps Face and Eye Cream Oars + Alps

SPF Shine-Free Lip Balm

If you need a moisturizing lip balm to get you through the winter, then Oars + Alps has you covered. This lip balm has SPF protection, which is an under-appreciated feature in lip balm for men. Oars + Alps sent me the Sunny Mint scented lip balm, and I liked the zing and feel of the lip balm.

Who It’s For: Guys with dry winter lips.

Oars + Alps SPF Shine-Free Lip Balm Oars + Alps

Antibacterial Aloe Wipes

Perfect for the current times we’re living in, these Antibacterial Aloe Wipes are great for hands dried out from constant washing or alcohol-based antibacterial wash. This set of wipes is for cleaning your hands and skin while leaving them moisturized.

Who It’s For: Guys with dried-out skin on their hands.

Oars + Alps Antibacterial Aloe Wipes Oars + Alps