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These Products From Patricks Left Me Feeling Like a Million Bucks, but They’re Not Cheap

One of many must-know tenets within the commerce world is that price does not equal value. An egregious price on a white t-shirt does not make it better than Hanes, and fancy hand soap works the same as the $5 Target generic brand when it comes to illness-causing pathogens. The adoption of this sound logic results in frugality most of the time, but doesn’t always rein in the impulse to try, test and splurge on expensive stuff. Also, fancy stuff feels nice to buy because it’s fancy, and the smug satisfaction that comes when overpriced stuff lives up to its promises? Priceless.

This is what led me to spend the past month and a half with a lineup of skincare and hair products from the Australian brand Patricks, the brainchild of an Australian Salon owner who went on a scientific quest to create better products for his customers, and frankly for himself.

From the gates, everything about their products felt luxurious even down to the packaging, as almost all of them have some reflective quality to the casing, with their Night Serum quite literally shining amongst the mix. Even more impressive, however, is the fact that nearly all of them are cruelty, sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free while also being vegan-friendly — as all of your self-care products should be in 2023.

While we respect and value those labels (and love a swanky-looking product) more important than anything else is how it actually performed. Were the products worth their steep price tag?

Are Patricks Products Really Worth Their Price?

Jakob Menendez

As a newcomer in the skin and hair care industry, it would be easy enough to scoff at Patricks’ pricing and chalk up their luxurious branding as being just that: branding with no substance. Expensive stuff for expensive stuff’s sake.

However, rave reviews online preceded Patricks’ slate of goods, so the testing began.

After weeks of squeezing, pumping, spreading and blending their various goo’s all over my face I’ve concluded this brand is not just smoke and mirrors. It’s way over the top (we’re talking real crushed diamonds), but their products aren’t the exact equivalent of $6 drug store buys either. Their gut-punch prices are over the top, but not without some performance to back them up.

Our Recommended Patricks Products At A Glance

Patricks face scrub

FS1 Crushed Diamond Face Scrub

Buy Now at saks $90 Jump to Details
Patricks Moisturizer

AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Buy Now at Nordstrom $135.00 Jump to Details
Patricks Deodorant

ND2 Natural Deodorant

Buy Now at saks $60.00 Jump to Details
Patricks anti-aging

NS1 Anti-Aging Serum

Buy Now at saks $165.00 Jump to Details
Patricks Shampoo

SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo

Buy Now at Saks $44 Jump to Details
Patricks Conditioner

CD2 Moisturizing Conditioner

Buy Now at saks $46 Jump to Details
Patricks face scrub

Best for: Exfoliating dry skin, removing blackheads, and every-other-day cleansing.

Why we love it: Sandy-feel has just enough grit to dig into our pores without feeling too irritating.

Size2.5 oz
FeaturesCrushed diamond and volcanic sand

Patricks’ FS1 Crushed Diamond Face Scrub is an exfoliating face scrub that lives up to its name. Using a blend of crushed diamond and volcanic sand micro particles this scrub gently scrubs your pores clean of any dirt or debris, while also stripping your face of any lingering dry skin. Formulated with anti-aging peptides, multivitamins and anti-irritants, this scrub will leave your face feeling baby smooth and leaves a perfect canvas to lather with their lush moisturizer.

In 2022, SPY labeled this the best face scrub for removing blackheads and we can’t help but double down on that statement with this review.


  • Luxurious feel
  • Gentle, yet firm enough to scrub away stubborn dirt
  • A little goes a long way


  • Expensive
  • Not for those who hate gritty exfoliators
Patricks Moisturizer

Best for: Everyday moisturizing after showers or right before bed.

Why we love it: Only need little dollops to cover your whole face and it has a goldilocks ratio of just thin and thick enough.

Size1.7 oz
ScentAustralian Sandalwood
FeaturesCreatine and Squalene help brighten skin

Okay yes, we know that this moisturizer is almost ridiculously priced, but seriously it is the best moisturizer I have ever tried in my life, and as someone who seemingly sheds a lizard amount of skin in the winter, this cream has been an absolute lifesaver. Even though I test a lot of different products all the time, this was the first time my girlfriend stopped me and told me that my skin had literally been glowing recently.

It smells great, it feels great on your skin, it’s perfectly thick/thin, and it truly will hold for 24 hours as it claims. Best of all, even though it’s only 1.7 oz, just three tiny dots of this stuff is enough to cover your entire face.


  • All-day care
  • Perfect for those prone to dry skin
  • A little goes a long way


  • $$$$$$$$$$$
Patricks Deodorant

Best for: Everyday use to prevent odor.

Why we love it: Subtle yet captivating scent with a casing made from 100% recycled materials.

Size2.5 oz
ScentCedarwood and Violet
FeaturesAluminum salts, sulfates, and paraben free

To borrow a quote from a SPY article in 2022 about Patricks’ ND1 Deodorant, “we were totally blown away by the subtle, indescribable fragrance.” Patricks claims that it’s a mix of cedarwood and violet but I would have never guessed that. I would have simply used the words “great, subtle, gentle.” While I was a bit surprised by the texture of the stick (it’s stiffer than I was expecting), it makes sense given that it’s made out of sustainable Amazonian Brown Clay, Coconut Oil, Zinc and Tapioca Starch.

The natural ingredients in this deodorant make me feel far more confident in the fact that I’m not lathering my pits in chemicals, and the kind scent is a warm welcome compared to the woody “manly” scents were all accustomed to.


  • Sustainable packaging
  • Incredible scent
  • 24-hour odor protection


  • Expensive
  • The thicker stick doesn’t quite glide
Patricks anti-aging

Best for: Regular use after exfoliating.

Why we love it: Chock full of industry-defining
ingredients that contribute to its anti-aging qualities.

Size1 oz
FeaturesGranactive Retinoid, Dandelion Leaf

This one is a little harder for ME to personally justify the price given that I’m in my twenties and not currently too worried about anti-aging night serums, but all that to say that this stuff does really work wonders. Every time I washed with the Patricks Crushed Diamond Face Scrub, I followed it up with this serum and their moisturizer, and when I would wake up in the morning it felt like I had a brand new face that I hadn’t seen before.

In terms of the actual product, it’s silky smooth and the eye-dropper applicator sucks up the perfect amount to cover your face while also providing a cooling sensation. However, for $165, the applicator got stuck up with the product more than I would’ve liked.


  • Cutting-edge science makes this serum extremely effective
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Leaves your face genuinely refreshed in the morning


  • Price of 55 coffees
  • Applicator sometimes doesn’t work on the first try
Patricks Shampoo

Best for: Regular use for those who use heavy styling products.

Why we love it: Unbelievable lather with a simple, clean scent.

Size6.7 oz
ScentViolet and Tobacco Leaf Cologne
FeaturesPatricks Recovery Compound (promotes hair growth)

While I really wish I could use this shampoo all of the time due to its impeccable smell and the fluffy lathering it offers, it just isn’t the best for my curl-infested, unruly dome. That being said, I can absolutely understand why someone else would fall in love with this shampoo. Patricks made this shampoo specifically for customers who heavily use styling products in their day-to-day life, and while that’s not me, I can very easily see how this shampoo would be super effective against thick, matte gels.


  • Perfect for removing stubborn hair products
  • Incredible smell
  • Luxurious feel


  • Not for every hair type
  • Semi-expensive
Patricks Conditioner

Best for: Semi-regular use with your favorite shampoo.

Why we love it: Perfect follow-up to their SH2 Shampoo,
leaving your hair silky smooth.

Size6.8 oz
ScentVetiver and Black Lily Cologne
FeaturesPlant-based ingredients

While Patricks Deep Clean Shampoo wasn’t necessarily the best for my curly top, their Moisturizing Conditioner worked wonders in terms of keeping my scalp and hair feeling fresh as could be. The conditioner also contains Patricks Recovery Compound which promotes hair growth and improves the health of your scalp. Just as their shampoo did, the conditioner smells absolutely fantastic and leaves me dreaming of the scent again.


  • Leaves your hair feeling silky smooth
  • Excellent scent
  • Promotes healthy scalp


  • Semi-expensive

The Verdict

While some of the products on this list here are exorbitantly expensive, the splurge on these products shouldn’t leave you with buyer’s remorse on the other side. We give a hearty endorsement to the Patricks products mentioned in this piece.

Why Trust SPY When Choosing Patricks Products for You

Discovering the most effective grooming products is our forte here at SPY. We dedicate lots of time to in-person and online research for the best new and familiar brands to see if the reviews are valid.

And if you weren’t already aware, our SPY team is full of skincare gurus and tastemakers who tested, reviewed, and contributed to this story. We pride ourselves on transparency and not holding back because, at the end of the day, we want you — the reader — to make an informed choice when shopping for products.

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