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Here’s How To Prep Your Skin For Wedding Season

Wedding season is officially underway, and after all that stress over what you’re going to wear, where you’re going to hold the reception, and who you’re inviting (and who you’re leaving off the list), the last thing you want is to be stressing over your skin.

We may be out of our awkward adolescent years, but that doesn’t mean we’ve outgrown our skin issues. Whether it’s due to stress, diet or environmental conditions, people break out for different reasons – and those reasons don’t go away. In fact, studies have shown that 40% of the adult female population still suffer from acne. When it comes to our skin, acne is like a bad hair day – it always comes back. And with our luck, that zit will show up just before wedding day, and no veil, or no amount of caked-on makeup will be enough to hide it.

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The solution: take a more hands-on approach this year by prepping your skin for your big day. This summer, we’re reaching for our “Ready, Set, Glow” kit from Proactiv to treat, prep and protect our skin against breakouts. The special set includes the company’s ProactivMD 3-Piece System, along with a gentle, balancing toner, and a brightening serum for a healthy glow and hydration. With consistent use, you’ll be able to target your annoying skin issues before they arise, letting you walk into your big event with a full face of confidence.

The “Ready, Set, Glow” kit features some of the most popular products from Proactiv’s  award-winning lineup. ProactivMD is a 3-Piece system to cleanse, protect from sun damage, and treat the skin, with the Deep Cleaning Face Wash, and Daily Oil Control Moisturizer (with SPF 30) and a tube of Adapalene Gel – the first FDA-approved over-the-counter topical retinoid for acne treatment. All three products are designed to work together to make your skin it’s best.

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What we like: unlike other acne treatments, which can be super harsh and irritating, the ProactivMD products contain ingredients that will gently exfoliate, reduce the appearance of pores, and help control shine. The daily moisturizer also provides UVA/UVB protection, making it perfect for summer, while the addition of the toner and serum in the kit help to add balance and moisture back to your stressed skin. All Proactiv systems are tested by a team of dermatologists, who are constantly seeking out the most innovative and effective solutions for skincare. And the products work for all skin types, whether you’re taking preventative measures, or just need to zap that one annoying zit.

We all know that having a breakout sucks, especially when we want to look our best in photos (or y’know, IRL). But whether you’re walking down the aisle or part of the bridal party, there’s also an emotional toll that acne can cause, making you feel embarrassed or self-conscious on a day where you should be feeling the exact opposite. When all eyes are on you, you should feel confident stepping into the spotlight and owning your big day.

This summer, fight your insecurities face on with the help of Proactiv. You’ve spent money on the venue and the dress — shouldn’t you invest in your skin as well? Order Proactiv’s proven products online for fast, discreet delivery and start prepping your skin to look its best — and picture perfect for the big day.

With more than two decades of skincare innovation and more than 20 million customers  worldwide, it’s no surprise Proactiv is the #1 acne brand in the U.S. Find out more about their “Ready, Set, Glow” kit and all their skincare solutions at

This post was sponsored by Proactiv, whose products we use and love.

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