The 19 Best Skincare Sets for Men Help You Save Face (And They Make for Great Gifts Too!)

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If you don’t know where to begin to take care of your skin, skincare sets for men or better-boxed gift sets can be a great place to start.

Many brands in the face wash, cleanser, moisturizer, shaving and general skincare space package their best products into skincare gift sets, meaning you can get everything you need for tip-top skin in one purchase.

Depending on what you’re trying to do — general skin upkeep, total skin overhaul, fighting acne, shaving or body skin care — there are a million skincare gift sets perfect to get you started or to give to someone else to kickstart their skincare journey.

Whether you’re looking at gifting for an upcoming holiday or someone’s birthday, skincare gift sets make for some of the best gifts for men. That said, we picked out a few of the best skincare sets for men below. Every one of them contains multiple products to help you keep your skin looking and feeling great.


1. Geologie Personalized Skincare Set


If you know you want one of the best skincare sets for men but have no clue where to begin, let Geologie do the heavy lifting for you. Geologie offers customizable skincare sets based on a short five-minute quiz you take at the website. It’ll ask you about your current skincare routine, any conditions you have or might develop and what your priorities are out of a skincare routine. When you’re finished, it’ll generate a custom set of products that will best address your needs, no extra thinking required.

So whatever you think you might need for your skin — a good cleansing, deep moisturization, acne-fighting power or general anti-aging — Geologie has the right product and will help you find it to deal with whatever the issue is. If you love your set, subscribe to get it delivered monthly or cancel before your 30-day trial ends.

Since we can’t effectively show you a Geologie customized set, you can also check out the Geologie Normal Skin Regimen #28 trial set to get a sense of what you’re in for. That said, we love Geologie so much, we named it a favorite product of ours in the 2021 Man, our end-of-year product awards.

Geologie skincare products Courtesy of Geologie


2. Disco Regimen Skincare Set for Men


Since it first came onto our radar last year, we’ve pretty much been obsessed with Disco, one of the best men’s skincare brands in the world. This skincare company uses unique, dermatologist-designed formulas made specifically for men’s tougher skin types. Virtually all of the brand’s products are worth your money, but if you’re looking for a men’s skincare gift set, for yourself or a loved one, then we highly recommend the Disco Regimen Set, which contains three of their best anti-aging and cleansing products.

You’ll get the award-winning Repairing Eye Stick to fight dark circles, as well as the incredible charcoal Purifying Face Mask, one of our favorite skincare face masks for men. The set comes with three more Disco products, all of which carry the brand’s signature eucalyptus scent. For just $116, the Regimen Skincare Set from Disco is an absolute steal.

Disco Regimen Skincare Set Courtesy of Disco


3. King C. Gillette Complete Men’s Beard Care Gift Kit


One thing a lot of guys have that (most) women don’t? An extra furry face.

It’s crucial to take care of your beard for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the visual aesthetic of your beard is the reason you even have a beard to begin with, so why wouldn’t you want to boost that look to the max? King C. Gillette agrees by offering this beard care gift set featuring every essential you need for a healthy-looking and feeling beard.

Included, you can expect quality products such as the brand’s beard/face wash, beard oil, beard balm, shave gel and a double edge safety razor for when it’s time to clean up. All of that product for just over $60 sounds like a real steal to us.

King C. Gillette Complete Men's Beard Care Gift Kit Courtesy of Amazon


4. The Ultimate Kiehl’s Skincare Gift Set


Whether you’re a frequent traveler or trying to gift some great skincare to one, you can’t go wrong with The Ultimate Kiehl’s Skincare Gift Set.

In this set, folks can expect an Ultra Facial Cleanser, Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate,  Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Ultra Facial Cream and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. All that for just $58? Sounds like a serious steal and a luxurious way to buff up your skincare routine to us. Kiehl’s has been a well-trusted brand since 1851, so you can trust all of the high-end skincare products inside.

Regular SPY readers may already know that Kiehl’s makes some of the best face moisturizers for men, and this skincare gift set is a great way to treat yourself (or a loved one) to more of the brand’s most popular products.

The Ultimate Kiehl's Skincare Gift Set Courtesy of Kiehl's


5. Bevel Skin Essentials Bundle


Bevel’s relatively new to the men’s grooming game but in just a few short years the brand’s gone from offering a few top-notch shaving products to a bevy of top-notch skincare products. The Bevel Skincare Set for Men has three essential products useful for any man trying to maintain quality skin: a cleansing face wash, exfoliating pads and a face gel moisturizer. All three rock and you seriously won’t need anything else if you’re good about using them. For its quality products and very reasonable price point, we think the Bevel set is one of the best skincare sets for men.

Bevel Skin Essentials Bundle Courtesy of Bevel


6. Lumin Complete Skincare Gift Set for Men


Lumin wasn’t always around, but in the last couple years, we’ve been seeing their anti-aging skincare products everywhere. But rather than picking them up piecemeal, get all of Lumin’s best skincare products in the Lumin Complete Skincare Gift Set for Men. Trust us when we say this brand makes some of the best men’s skincare products you’ll find anywhere.

It includes Lumin’s moisturizing balm, charcoal cleanser, dark circle defense, exfoliating rub, anti-wrinkle serum, recovery oil and a bonus microfiber washcloth. With all those products, there is no skin situation you can’t successfully tackle, whether it’s bumpy skin, dark eye circles, wrinkles or whatever else you can think of.

Plus, everything comes in a nice black box, making these skincare sets for men a great choice for gifting.

Lumin The Complete Skincare Gift Set for Men; best skincare sets for men / skincare gift sets Courtesy of Amazon


7. Malin+Goetz Saving Face Skincare Set


When winter is coming, especially if you live in a biting cold state, you want to be prepared. No, we don’t mean coat, hat and mittens, we mean you need the Malin+Goetz Saving Face Skincare Set.

In this skincare set, you get Malin+Goetz’s Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer and Detox Face Mask. You can use the cleanser and moisturizer every day for winter-ready skin and can swap the cleanser out for the face mask a couple of times a week.

If you do that, we swear you’ll just be complaining about how damn cold it is instead of complaining about leathery, dry winter skin. Plus, the set comes in a sleek modern box that’ll stand out on any counter or make for one of the year’s best skincare gift sets for men.

Malin+Goetz Saving Face Skincare Set Courtesy of Nordstrom


8. Jack Black Skin Saviors Set


It’s so easy to overlook our lips when thinking about skincare, but lips age and undergo sun damage too. That’s why you might consider the Jack Black Skin Saviors Set. It features the brand’s daily facial cleanser, face buff energizing scrub, face moisturizer and, of course, lip balm. It’s one of our favorite sets because we love Jack Black’s grooming line and it’s also Amazon’s Choice for “men’s facial care kit.” In short, that means it’s one of Amazon’s most popular and best-reviewed men’s facial care kits. While Amazon’s Choice gets it wrong sometimes, this time, Amazon nailed it.

Jack Black Skin Saviors Set; best skincare sets for men / skincare gift sets Courtesy of Amazon


9. Harry’s Shave & Shower Travel Kit


If you want a great skincare set for men that’s shaving forward, Harry’s will never let you down. The Harry’s Shave & Shower Travel Kit has everything you need for everywhere, just with the high-quality shaving gear you’d expect from Harry’s.

This skincare set includes a Harry’s Truman razor handle and single head, a travel-size shave gel, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, a face wash and a travel cover to protect the razor blades. Plus, everything comes in a pretty legit toiletry bag. Overall, Harry’s set has a lot to offer and would make for a great first purchase if you’re trying to upgrade your shave game from disposables.

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Harry's Shave and Shower Travel Kit Courtesy of Harry's


10. Asystem Performance Skincare Kit


If your guy prefers natural skincare products over cleansers packed with harsh chemicals, then he’ll really dig Asystem. This Los-Angeles based company is still a bit under the radar, but we’ve tested their skincare products and loved them all. It’s specifically formulated for men and comes with a cleanser, moisturizer with SPF 30 and overnight cream.

asystem performance skin care set, best nordstrom black friday deals 2021 Courtesy of Nordstrom


11. Black Wolf Nation Skincare Set for Oily Skin


The Black Wolf Nation Skincare Set for Oily Skin has a lot that’s appealing. First, the set includes four essential skincare products: an eye gel, an exfoliating facial scrub, an activated charcoal face wash and an oil-free moisturizing gel. Second, it offers a pretty solid value for all four. Third, we like the simple no-frills bottle design and clear labeling because it’s really annoying to have to look closely at a bottle before grabbing it. Fourth, all the ingredients are natural and just make sense for their oil-cleansing purpose, whether that’s the charcoal in the face wash or the hyaluronic acid in the moisturizer. Lastly, the kit comes in a sleek toiletry bag, which is majorly convenient for staying organized at home or when traveling.

Take all these points together and we think it’s obvious this is one of the best skincare sets for men and would easily be one of the best skincare sets for a male friend or relative.

Black Wolf Nation Skincare Set for Oily Skin Courtesy of Amazon


12. Rugged & Dapper All-In-One Essential Skincare Set


A cleanser, a moisturizer and a face mask? Who knew so little could do so much? Rugged & Dapper is another SPY favorite for its high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. These products are made to keep skin soft and supple whilst cleaning your mug at the same time. The mask acts as an added bonus because of how detoxifying and rehabilitating it is. Who said you need to go to the spa to have a spa-like experience?

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Rugged & Dapper All-In-One Essential Skincare Set Courtesy of Rugged & Dapper


13. SCRUBD Complete Collection


Everything you need for optimal face skincare comes in the SCRUBD Complete Collection. Use the face wash for an initial cleanse and follow it up with the deeper-cleansing face scrub. Move on to the anti-aging face serum for powerful rejuvenation and then the eye gel underneath the eyes. Doing that a few times a week will save years on your face.

The skincare set also comes with two lovely triple-milled soap blocks, one in charcoal and black pepper and the other in cedarwood and grapefruit, and a convenient denim dopp kit/wash bag.

It is pricey, but it can kickstart a new routine for yourself or be a premium gift skincare set for someone else.

SCRUBD Complete Collection Courtesy of Nordstrom


14. Scott Hamish Blue Blended Men’s Daily Skincare Gift Set


If you’re here looking for something to gift to a grooming man in your life, go for the Scott Hamish Blue Blended Men’s Daily Skincare Gift Set. Setting the products to the side for a sec, this box is gorgeous, like, is this thing for a skincare set or does it have a baller Scottish sweater inside?

Obviously, there’s no sweater. Instead, you get Scott Hamish’s whiskey-inspired Blue Blended Toner Essence, Blue Blended Lotion Essence and Blue Freedom Capsule Cleansing Foam. And when we say whiskey-inspired we mean design and ingredients too.

The essences come in whiskey-style bottles and they rely on barley and malt, essential whiskey ingredients, to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Top it all off with the fragrances of fresh bergamot, mandarin scent, green tea, blackcurrant, musk and wood, and you can see why we call this non-sticky skincare set gift wrap ready.

Scott Hamish Blue Blended Men's Daily Skincare Gift Set; skincare sets for men Courtesy of Amazon


15. Rituals The Ritual of Samurai Classic Invigorating Routine Set


We’re not saying the Rituals The Ritual of Samurai Classic Invigorating Routine Set will turn you into a samurai, but this skincare set for men certainly aspires to a bushido-level standard of grooming. At least, it’s an Amazon favorite with 4.8 stars on over 1,000 ratings.

And what’s not to love? You can cross your body and beard off your grooming list with this skincare set because it comes with two foaming shower gels, a body moisturizer and a shaving cream. Everything also smells fantastic, with notes of bamboo, sandalwood, cypress, basil and ginseng.

And if you know someone else who would appreciate it, the skincare set was designed to be gifted too, with cool bottle designs and a classy box that just screams “something very nice contained within.” One reviewer on Amazon agreed, saying of the products, “The quality is very good. They have a divine smell and the presentation is very beautiful.”

Rituals The Ritual of Samurai Classic Invigorating Routine Set; skincare sets for men Courtesy of Amazon


16. NIVEA Men Complete Skincare Collection for Sensitive Skin


The NIVEA Men Complete Skincare Collection for Sensitive Skin is excellent for one simple reason: It’s incredibly cheap for the five totally solid skincare products you’re getting.

For about a quarter of the cost of some of these other skincare sets for men, you get NIVEA’s shaving gel, post-shave balm, face wash, face lotion and a three-in-one shampoo, body wash and moisturizer.

Add in the fact that these products are great for sensitive skin too and come in a nice toiletry bag and you can see why we’re hot on NIVEA.

NIVEA Men Complete Skincare Collection for Sensitive Skin Courtesy of Amazon


17. Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment


Proactiv may not be the sexy brand it once was, but they still make some of the best acne-fighting products out there. The Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment has been more or less unchanged for at least a decade because it simply works.

This skincare set for men includes a benzoyl peroxide cleanser to remove oils, grime and break down acne, a toner for additional cleansing and evening and then a benzoyl peroxide repair treatment to fight future breakouts.

Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment Courtesy of Amazon


18. Ancient Greek Remedy Organic Spa Skincare Set


Though it’s marketed toward women, the Ancient Greek Remedy Organic Spa Skincare Set has a ton to offer to dudes too.

Wherever you’ve got cracked and dry skin, you’ll find something here to deal with it. The oil and buttercream moisturizer will make short work of any dry patches, whether face or body, the two soap bars will keep you clean while maintaining your hard-won soft skin and the foot balm will make you wonder why you’ve been living easily irritated dry feet all these years.

Not to mention, the set comes in a stylish ancient Greek history-inspired blue box that you’ll be excited to open up personally or gift to someone else.

Ancient Greek Remedy Organic Spa Skincare Gift Set; skincare sets for men Courtesy of Amazon


19. SpaLusive Luxury Spa Set for Men


Every once in a while, even dudes can appreciate the spa experience. But instead of paying a premium to go to an actual spa, pick up the SpaLusive Luxury Spa Set for Men. This skincare set, which ships in a convenient dopp kit, brings six essential skincare products to the table: SpaLusive’s 2-1 Hair & Body Moisturizing Wash, Nourishing Bath Soap, Hydrating Body Lotion, Exfoliating Body Scrub, Detoxing Bath Salts and pouf loofah.

If you’re a guy who’s never taken a bath with bath salts, you’re just straight-up missing out on a rejuvenating and relaxing experience that’s literally thousands of years old. Buy it to treat yourself or gift it to someone else you know needs a little skin and mental self-care.

SpaLusive Luxury Spa Set for Men; skincare sets for men Courtesy of Amazon


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