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Skincare Subscription Boxes for Men Take the Effort Out Regular Skin Maintenance

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be hard. With skincare subscription boxes for men, it’s not only not hard, it’s downright easy.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, a skincare subscription box can take a little bit of stress out of the process by ensuring you always have the products you need. Plus, because brands want that sweet steady subscription money, they tend to offer nontrivial, frequently 10-20% discounts when you go for their skincare subscription boxes.

Saving money and not even thinking about having to re-up? That’s a win-win for you and the skincare company.

For those two simple reasons, we rounded up some of the best skincare subscription boxes for men below. Most boxes offer some variety of the basics, such as a face wash or cleanser, daily moisturizer and spot treatment products, but we also included a few great skincare subscription boxes for regular shavers or lifelong beardsmen.

Whatever your skincare situation, we’re confident you’ll find a great skincare subscription box below, so check out our picks and remove one roadblock to a regular skincare routine.


1. Geologie Custom Skincare Subscription Box


Geologie takes all the guesswork out of skincare and delivers what you need and nothing else. All you have to do is take the online quiz, consisting of questions about your skin condition, habits and priorities, and Geologie will spit out a custom regimen that you can purchase for a 30-day trial.

Depending on your situation, you can end up with an eye cream, an overnight moisturizer, a daily SPF moisturizer, acne cream and more. Once you buy the set, you’re set to receive the same stuff (in larger bottles) every 90 days. The price varies depending on what’s in your regimen, but everything is quality and fairly priced. Alternatively, if you want to skip the quiz, just go for one of the trial sets, like the excellent Normal Skin Regimen #28.

Whichever you go for, if you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to identify the best products for your skin and have them shipped on the regular, Geologie offers some of the best skincare subscription boxes for men out there.

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Courtesy of Geologie


2. Lumin Classic Maintenance Set with SPF Subscription


Lumin’s relatively new on the block but the brand’s already become a go-to for men’s skincare products on Amazon and beyond. The Lumin Classic Maintenance Set with SPF offers premium-quality products at reasonable prices, it’s a perfect set to start off a simple skincare routine.

You can use the Lumin Charcoal Cleanser every day, in the morning, before bed or both, for pristinely clean skin. If applying in the morning, follow that up with Lumin UV Defense Moisturizing Balm, a daily moisturizer with SPF to fully nourish your skin and protect it from those dang aging sun rays. Finally, be sure to use the Lumin Exfoliating Rub a couple of times a week for that deeper clean, especially if you’re dealing with breakouts or discoloration.

And best of all, save 20% when you subscribe to have the set delivered every two months.

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Courtesy of Lumin


3. Caldera + Lab Subscriptions


Caldera + Lab makes one of the best facial serums but it also makes an excellent moisturizer and a great cleanser, too. Though they’ll set you back your prettiest penny, if you subscribe to receive them, you can save roughly 20% and have them delivered every 45, 60 or 70 days, depending on how often you expect to use them. You can mix and match as you please, but if you go for all three, the Caldera + Lab The Good Face Serum, The Clean Slate Cleanser and The Base Layer Moisturizer, you’ll have one of the best skincare subscription boxes on your hands.

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Courtesy of Caldera + Lab

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Courtesy of Caldera + Lab

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Courtesy of Caldera + Lab


4. Disco Regimen Set Subscription


Most guys can probably get away with a simple set of a face wash/rub, a cleanser and an SPF moisturizer, but it never hurts to have additional maintenance products for a regimen that truly covers all your bases.

The Disco Regimen Set has all of the above as well as a Purifying Face Mask and a Repairing Eye Stick. The former offers a deeper kind of rejuvenation than a standard moisturizer and the eye stick will take care of your dark circles and puffy eyes in no time. Subscribe to save 20% of the sticker price and Disco will deliver the full set every two months. Whatever type of skin you have or whatever problems you’re facing, this skincare subscription box for men has you covered.

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Courtesy of Disco


5. Dollar Shave Club Subscriptions


One downside for many skincare subscription boxes for men is a lack of customization. That’s one problem you can’t throw at Dollar Shave Club, though. You can essentially create your own skincare subscription box by simply choosing to subscribe for whatever products you need, and the DSC quiz can easily help you find the right skincare products for you. Whether it’s the DSC Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 30, the Ball Spray, the Shave Butter, the Face and Body Wash or all of the above, the possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, you can customize your shipping for every two, three or four months and skip any shipments you don’t need. There also are no fees associated with becoming a subscription member. Alas, there are no discounts, but if customization is essential, Dollar Shave Club definitely offers the best skincare subscription boxes for you.

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Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

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Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

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Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

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Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club


6. Birchbox Monthly Grooming Subscription Box for Men


Of all the skincare subscription boxes for men, Birchbox’s is the most intriguing. Instead of getting the same three to five products every month, Birchbox ships five entirely new product samples each month for $10, selected for your particular skin care needs. Not only is that a pretty reasonable value, but it’s also a great way to test out new brands to find something that really works for your unique skin. And Birchbox has every kind of dude in mind: Anti-aging moisturizers for wrinkle-minded dudes, beard supplies for the beardsmen and hair styling products for your hair type too.

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Courtesy of Birchbox


7. Bevel Shave Kit Subscription


Bevel started its grooming journey with shaving products and they’re still the brand’s bread and butter. The Bevel Shave Kit delivers everything you need for a supreme shave: the Bevel Safety Razor, Shave Brush, Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream, Balm and blades. Thankfully, after the first shipment, Bevel will deliver everything except the razor and shave brush for $59.95 every month or every two months, so you’ll never run out of shaving essentials, even if you’re a daily shaver.

If you’ve been dealing with crap razors and skin irritation for longer than you care to admit, this will definitely be one of the best skincare subscription boxes for you.

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Courtesy of Bevel


8. Live Bearded Complete Beard Kit


If your beard feels like permanent reruns of “The Itchy & Scratchy Show,” you’re going to want to give the Live Bearded Complete Beard Kit a chance. We’ve used Live Bearded products before, and everything the brand makes just works to soothe and condition beards and the underlying skin. With the set, you get the Live Bearded Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, Beard Oil and Beard Butter. You can go for any of the brand’s excellent scents — we like Canyon — or go for the unscented version, Straight Up. Whichever you choose, subscribe to save 10% and have your box delivered every one, two or three months.

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Courtesy of Live Bearded


9. Harry’s Full Skincare Suite for Men


Though Harry’s doesn’t run a subscription box per se, it effectively does through its Core Membership program. For $15 a year, you get a 10% discount on all Harry’s online products, faster shipping, access to exclusive products, early access to new products and free engraving on your Harry’s razor stand or other product.

In effect, with expedited shipping, you can simply buy and choose when you need to, like when you notice you’re running low on this or that. For the skincare-minded guy, that means you can pick up the Harry’s Full Skincare Suite for Men. We’ve tested out this whole line — the Exfoliating Face Wash, Freshening Face Toner, Daily Face Lotion, Hydrating Night Lotion, Brightening Eye Cream and Targeted Blemish Treatment — and everything honestly worked pretty great. When you consider the price of the set, which includes everything you need and then some, and the discounts of the Core Membership, Harry’s could become something like the best skincare subscription box for you.

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Courtesy of Harry's


The Best Skincare Sets for Men Will Help You Treat Your Body Right