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These At-Home Treatments May Help Fade Tattoos Without Laser

PROS: Cheaper than laser removal and can be done in comfort of home
CONS: Will take some time; results won’t happen overnight
TAKEAWAY: Multiple applications of these treatments still beat multiple appointments at the laser clinic

If you’ve gotten some regrettable ink, or are simply looking to make a change in your appearance due to professional or personal reasons, the most common method of tattoo removal is laser removal. However, this can take six to ten sessions, each spaced six to eight weeks apart, and can cost up to $500 (or more) per treatment.

While this is the most direct strategy, SPY has done some investigation into other more affordable, less invasive methods. These treatment options below can all be conducted at home, and the equipment can be ordered straight from Amazon. Explore the strategies listed, and find the one that best suits you and your body.

Remember: while you got your tattoo done in a few minutes, removing the ink will take time, so don’t expect any overnight miracles. Still, reviewers say these best-selling treatments are gentler than cosmetic procedures, easy to use, and deliver results over time.

1. 100% TCA Acid Peel

This Trichloroacetic Acid Peel Set contains no additives, and comes with Q-Tips, latex gloves, and detailed instructions on how to give yourself an acid peel from the comfort of your home. This non-toxic chemical causes the top layer of cells to dry up and peel off, exposing a new layer of smoother, more even-toned skin. It’s been used frequently in the removal of age spots and sun damage, and now people are turning to it to help minimize the appearance of tattoos too.

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2. Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System

This two-step tattoo removal system helps lighten and lessen the appearance of your tattoo without any invasive, potentially damaging procedures. With frequent application, you can speed up the fade of your tattoo without distorting your skin. Simply rub the product over the tattoo like you would a lotion or gel, and then watch the ink start to fade away.

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3. MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device

This at-home hair removal treatment method provides effective hair removal in 4-6 treatments. Using Intense Pulse Light technology, this safe, non-invasive treatment method has a sixty day guarantee, or your money back.

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Image Courtesy of MLAY

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