Tattoos for Men: Get Ink Inspiration From the World’s Top Tattoo Artists

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Guys, your tattoos should be able to stand alone as pieces of art. Sure, if you have sleeves, legs and a torso full of sprawling tattoos, they might not all be winners. When you’re ready for your next tattoo, the tattoo artists and parlors below are some of the very best to do it.

While it may be more expensive or require a longer lead time to get a tattoo at one of the places below, you’ll be much happier with them later in life. Trust us, that one you picked off the wall at some hole in the wall tattoo shop on the boardwalk is not as cool as you think. And anything you got before you turned at least 21? Forget about it.

The best tattoos for men can be artistic, silly, sentimental or all of the above. If you need inspiration for your next ink, we’ve collected some of our favorite artists and men’s tattoo trends below. So keep reading to find tattoos for guys (and anybody else, too) to inspire you. Be sure to follow these tattoo parlors and artists on Instagram so that you can book them once the world finally starts opening up.


1. Abstract Symbolism by Bang Bang Tattoo Parlor

When getting a tattoo, much of the enjoyment comes from the story that goes along with it. Just having decoration can be intriguing, but when you have an intricate, abstract piece of art on your body, you need an absolute professional to be wielding the tattoo gun. In the image below, no passerby can tell what exactly the wearer of the tattoo wants to convey. It’s mysterious and intriguing, a great combination to strive for with your own ink!

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2. Fine Line Work by Dr. Woo

Some tattoo ideas can start with only a basic image, because they symbolize so much more! As the image is what is important, it needn’t be cluttered unnecessarily. However, to add some style and artistic flair to the tattoo you’ll be putting on your body, add in single needle circles or detail as seen on this Elephant from LA Rockstar Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo. Just look at how gorgeous it becomes with the fine details, making it seem less like just an Elephant and more like a magnificent dream.


3. Script Tattoos

A mantra, phrase, song lyric or literary quotation may be particularly meaningful to you, so much so that you wish to be reminded of it constantly and have it tastefully written on your skin. In recent years, this has been one of the top tattoo trends among men and women. If the quote comes from someone close to you, you can even have it done in their handwriting, so as to give it that personal touch.

One of the authors of this very piece has words from his late father on one inner bicep, and it’s his favorite of five tattoos! If not from a particular person, then you should seek out someone who specializes in script tattoos so that the lettering is even, level and beautiful. This will, in 99/100 cases, mean you should NOT GET IT IN OLD ENGLISH FONT. And if you’re in New York City, seek out Hector Daniels of New York’s Bang Bang tattoo, who is a specialist in script tattoos.


4. Sailor Jerry-Style Tattoos by Old Ironsides

The old-timey Nautical style of tattoos has recently made a resurgence, due to their classic look and symbolism. Defined by their distinct black line around the edge, older-looking designs without much detail, and bold basic colors, these tattoos have meaning going back nearly 200 years. Swallows and Sparrows can symbolize survival of traveling over great distances, and ships and women can represent safe havens or part of your past. Old Ironsides, formerly Sailor Jerry tattoo, in Honolulu Hawaii is perfect for just such work… and you can enjoy the vacation while you’re there, too.

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Hour Glass done by @freddychurches

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5. Stick and Pokes by Lucky Stab

Emma (aka @luckystab on Instagram) is a tattoo artist mainly working out of Brooklyn, New York, that specializes in stick and poke tattooing. Stick and poke tattoos don’t require a gun, utilizing solely needle and ink. This handmade style of tattoos is popular among DIY punks (not to mention prison inmates), but it can also be used to great effect by professional tattoo artists. Emma’s work is wildly impressive with an awesome range that includes viney flowers, fruit with faces, animals in motion and cute characters. Although Emma is based in New York, they occasionally travel to tattoo parlors in various cities (when quarantine ends, that is), so pay attention to their Instagram page and see when Emma may be in your neck of the woods tattooing next.

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6. Gorgeously Precise Renderings by Miki

If you’re looking for the thinnest lines and most detailed work we’ve ever come across, look no further than tattoos crafted by Korean artist Miki (@____miki________ on Instagram). Her work is heavily tied to Korean culture and features some insane, gory and political imagery. Her artwork is so delicately tattooed on skin that it’s almost beyond words. Miki tattoos primarily out of Seoul but hits the road occasionally when she can, and depending on where you are in this world, finding her could be a bit of a hike. All in all, to have a tattoo done by Miki will be well worth it.

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7. Glitchy Lined Faces by Kevin Tattoos

If you ever get the chance to be tattooed by Brooklyn-based artist Kevin (@kevin.tattoos on Instagram), consider yourself so damn lucky. His artwork is aesthetically unmatched by any other artist we’ve ever seen and his creations are so beyond our level of tattoo knowledge. He uses thick and thin linework to create unimaginably unreal faces that glitch, slide and chop around in various arrangements. Stylistically, most of his faces are relatively the same, but all of them come with a unique look and a feel of semi-tragic circumstances. One thing that’s for sure is Kevin has 100% mastered this technique, so don’t head to your a random tattoo studio and try to recreate anything like this. If you’re going to get this style of tattoo anywhere on your body, hit up Kevin himself and get your ass to Brooklyn.

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8. Ancient Chinese and Japanese Styled Tattoos, by Rising Dragon Tattoo

Should you have Asian heritage, or have a distinct affinity for some of the values or strengths that come from that part of the world, there is a distinct tattoo styling that’s for you. Frequently, hyper-stylized animals such as lions, tigers, or even mythical dragons are prevalent in this style of tattooing. These are works of art. Do not seek out a simple, ubiquitous design, and be sure to have a single-needle gun for the detail work of your tattoo, as this style needs to be sure not to look cliche. We suggest Rising Dragon Tattoo to be sure your work comes together well.


9. Tribal Tattoos Inspired by Polynesian Tattoo Art

Quick disclaimer: if you do not have a distinct connection to the tribal tattoo you are getting, do not get it. They can very easily become trite and make you look quite ridiculous if you’re just getting them because you think they look kinda cool. That said, if you do, the Polynesian tattooing culture is absolutely magnificent and can create magnificent works that follow the contours of your body, highlighting both your person and artwork. The Rock and his Samoan Heritage are a prime example thereof. As you can see in the post here, not even the remarkable Ryan Reynolds can pull off the Tribal Tattoo without a connection like the Rock. Overall, tribal tats are some of the best looking tattoos for guys that have a connection to the meaning.


10. Geometric Tattoos by Saved Tattoo

Beautiful design in the form of repeating lines and geometric symmetry, or, for that matter, asymmetry, can create a jaw-dropping effect that may not need to have as much meaning, but can instead be wearable art. Scott Campbell, celebrity tattoo artist and owner of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn has created his own particular style of geometric tattoos. His combination of geometry and fine art side by side can create truly stunning pieces. In the example below, we see an incredibly detailed skull partnered with Campbell’s signature arrows and lines, which makes for a memorable tattoo.


11. Family Portraits by Alican Gorgu

Looking for a totally unique way to commemorate your favorite family portrait? Istanbul-based artist Alican Gorgu (@pigmentninja on Instagram) creates beautiful color and black and grey faceless tattoos mimicking your most prized family photo. Although it’s pretty tough to get to Istanbul currently in the middle of a pandemic, when life is normal, Gorgu often travels to various locations around the world in order to reach more clients. Aside from this, you can also commission Gorgu for a drawing of any tattoo you may want to be done by a local artist instead. Her colorful line drawings aren’t too complex, so any reasonably talented tattoo artist should be able to handle the job.


12. Memento Mori Tattoos

Memento Mori, translated from Latin, means “Remember, you will die.” This macabre saying was originally whispered constantly into the ear of victorious returning Roman generals, who came home to such fanfare and celebration that they needed to be reminded that they were, in fact, not gods. Over time, the expression has become meaningful as a reminder that indeed we all die some day, so enjoy the time you have now and make sure you get everything you can out of life. These skulls, grim reapers, and other such dark tattoos, or the phrase itself, can be a firm reminder to make the most of your life!

Scott Campbell Tattoo Image Courtesy of Scott Campbell

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