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This Best-Selling Ice Roller Is the Perfect Gift for the Hot Mess in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the hot mess in your life? Just joking … or, maybe we’re not. Either way, The Hot Mess Ice Roller is definitely a beauty tool that should be on your radar.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this device is definitely something you should keep in mind when looking for the best gifts for mom. (If you’re searching for unique gifts for Mother’s Day beyond the usual chocolate and flowers, then this could be the perfect gift idea.) Whether for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother — or yourself, The Hot Mess Ice Roller is one of those gifts that keeps on giving as you’ll be able to use it over and over again. And after being sold out for the third time this year, this viral device is finally back in stock.

With The Hot Mess Ice Roller on hand, you may just be able to keep a puffy-looking face at bay. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely the part of your skincare routine that you’ve been missing. This device rolls smoothly over your skin and may instantly reduce puffiness and redness while boosting circulation for a brilliant finish to your skin that can make it appear smooth and flawless.

While the $69 price tag may feel a bit steep, reviews reveal that it’s worth every single penny. Many boast that it’s a must-have for those who find themselves waking up with bloating or puffiness in the mornings — especially after a long night of overindulgence in tequila, prosecco or wine. Hey, just because you are hungover doesn’t mean you have to look hungover, right?

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Well, thanks to The Hot Mess Ice Roller, those days may now be far behind you because reviewers say this thing does just the trick, with the ability to restore your face to its normal state by possibly reducing swelling all while encouraging lymphatic drainage.

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Courtesy of Skinny Confidential


The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

Unlike other face massagers and rollers that lose their cool after one or two minutes of use, The Hot Mess ice roller’s pink aluminum gets cold quickly and stays cold for upwards of 30 minutes. The larger roller also covers more ground than traditional face rollers, making it quicker and easier to soothe and contour your face before heading out the door or going to bed.

Although it’s not necessary for use, The Skinny Confidential’s Ice Queen Face Oil makes a great accompaniment, adding extra slip while supplying your face with vitamins C, A and other nutrients to help nourish the skin.

That said, the roller can be used before or after applying the best moisturizers and oils, such as The Ice Queen Face Oil in the morning or at night to lock in serums and creams as you fall off to sleep.

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Courtesy of Skinny Confidential

The Ice Queen Face Oil

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Courtesy of Skinny Confidential


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