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Therabody Just Released The $399 TheraFace PRO Face Massager, Should You Buy It?

Therabody is a brand known for their top-rated massage guns; in fact, they’ve been our #1 pick for the best massage gun three years running. They make some of the most powerful and beautifully-designed guns in the game. They also offer products focused on recovery through pneumatic compression with their RecoveryAir line, the entirety of which I’ve tried, as well as topical revitalization with their TheraOne CBD collection.

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Now? They’re headed straight for the face. Their brand new TheraFace PRO, which launches today on the Therabody website, is designed to help with everything from tight facial muscles, jaw pain and headaches, to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I got a chance to try out the product and was, yet again, impressed with the quality of a Therabody product. You can find my full review below.

TheraFace PRO

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What is the TheraFace PRO?

I’ll be honest, when I first got an email from Therabody about their brand new product, the TheraFace PRO, I wasn’t sure what to think. What could they possibly be doing with my face?! Pelting it with a massage gun? That can’t be right.

Then this portable facial health device arrived, and I understood. Therabody has taken all the spa modalities you typically have to pay hundreds for at a salon — LED light therapy, electromagnetic treatment, etc — and put them into one powerful device with interchangeable heads. It’s an impressive design, and definitely handy if you’re a skincare nut like me, but do you need it? Keep reading to find out.

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So, why did Therabody create a device for your face? They’re aiming to democratize expensive facial treatments, and make it easier for you to give your face the care it needs at home, according to the brand’s press release.

“The first-of-its-kind solution [that will] will change the lives of millions of people by democratizing professional treatments that will now be available to people anywhere in a single device.” 

This FDA-cleared device comes with a central body and magnetic interchangeable heads. The heads included with the device are:

  • A large silicone cleansing head for use while washing your face
  • Three massager heads with different textures: a cone, thumb and soft silicone-bristled one
  • An LED light therapy head with three different colors programmed in: red light, blue light and red + infrared light therapy
  • An electrical microcurrent head designed to tighten and firm skin with regular use

There’s also the Cold and Hot Ring set available for an additional $99.00, that gives you the ability to massage and use temperature therapy on your skin at the same time.


What Does the TheraFace PRO Do?

The TheraFace PRO can do many things, so let’s break them down one by one. During my TheraFace PRO review, I noted that it was very easy to switch between the modalities of the device, and once you connect the head the on/off buttons immediately recognize it and give you settings for that individual tool. As soon as you connect the cryotherapy head, for example, you can select between three cold temperatures denoted by a snowflake logo on the small LED screen, for example.

Cleansing and Percussive Massage

The TheraFace PRO starts out as a facial massager. Therabody kept getting questions from customers who wanted to use the Theragun Mini on their face, and since that device is not made to be used in that way, they decided to create a device specially for the face and maintaining skin health.

The cleansing head is perfect for use with gentle daily cleansers. The micro tapping that comes from the soft silicone bristles is supposed to encourage blood flow to the face.

The gun also comes with three massager heads that you can use on their own, or with another donut-shaped head like the LED light therapy. The massage from this device isn’t nearly as intense as one from a regular percussive massager, and for good reason. It’s delicate but effective on the face, and a very pleasant, relaxing feeling. The Flat head is for general use on your face and neck, the Cone is great for more precise treatments and the Micro-point head is made to promote circulation on the forehead, cheeks and chest.

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Electrical Microcurrent

This is the TheraFace PRO head that feels the most professional spa-like, in my opinion. It has two medal nodes that lightly zap your face as you move it to and fro. You need to use a microcurrent gel, sold via Therabody’s website, to protect your skin. During the demo, I definitely felt a light tingly sensation while using this head on the lowest level, and slight pinching on some areas of my skin where the gel wasn’t as thick. Did it do anything to tighten my skin? I couldn’t sense a difference after my first few uses, but I imagine a device like this takes consistent use to create a difference that visually apparent.

LED Light Therapy

The LED light therapy head is another very professional looking tool. It’s easy to slip on, and is that donut shape I referenced above where you can use it in conjunction with one of the massage gun heads.

The LED light therapy head has three settings: Red Light, Blue Light and Red + Infrared Light therapy. The Red Light is fairly topical, made for surface-level healing and absorption of active ingredients in skincare (a great reason to use this one AFTER your skincare routine). The Blue Light is a disinfectant, and made to eliminate impurities. The Therabody team noted you shouldn’t use this one while massaging, in order to avoid spreading bacteria around the face. Lastly, the Red + Infrared Light therapy is designed to go deeper, relax the facial muscles and decrease the appearance of smile and frown lines.

Hot + Cold Rings

These are my favorite heads from the TheraFace PRO. The Cold Ring is designed to replace an ice roller and expose your skin to cold temperatures, without shocking the surface of the skin and preventing healthy absorption of active ingredients. It’s easier to travel with than an ice roller because you don’t need a fridge or freezer to reach certain temperatures, and the temperatures are cold enough to be helpful without causing cellular damage.

The Hot Ring is super relaxing to use and feels amazing when used in conjunction with a percussive massager. It heats up fast, but doesn’t feel abrasive or too intense for the skin, and feels more therapeutic than circulatory. The Cold Ring feels like it’s helping my skin open up, pump blood around to all the important parts, and promote a healthy complexion.


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TheraFace PRO Review: Should You Buy It?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time using the TheraFace PRO. It’s a well-designed product with many helpful features, and for the right person it could be a great addition to their grooming routine. Does it actually improve your skin’s health? I’m not completely sold it’ll make or break the health or appearance of your skin.

Therabody’s press release includes a quote from board-certified dermatologist Mamina Turegano, ““As a physician who takes a more holistic approach to skin health, I think it’s important to look at aspects deeper than skincare that can boost skin health, immunity, radiance, and glow. Effects like promoting circulation, improving muscle tone, and reducing stress are important components to skin and overall health.”

“Along with lifestyle changes, like diet, mental well-being, and exercise, locally-used physical treatments with modalities that can promote this, like the TheraFace PRO, is a vital component of anyone’s skincare routine.”

Does the average person need to shell out $400 for this device, as well as $100 additional bucks for the Hot and Cold Rings? Probably not. It could help you improve your skin’s complexion and relax your jaw muscles before bed, but it’s not necessary for a good skincare routine, in my opinion.

It’s a splurge-worthy product if you have the budget, but I’m not currently convinced it’s a must-have.


  • Very easy to use, simple to switch between different heads
  • Simple 3-button operation that makes turning it on/off very easy
  • High-quality heads that work well, don’t fall off and do what they say they’re going to do
  • Small device that’s easy to travel with
  • High-quality case for the gun itself, included heads and Hot/Cold Rings that come in their own branded Therabody case
  • Stand is durable and holds it upright on your bathroom counter when not in use


  • Expensive
  • Not a ton of evidence it’ll make a substantial difference in the appearance of your skin