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Gender-Bending Nail Polish Brand ‘To Be Frank’ Is Now Available at Urban Outfitters

It’s a big day for dudes who paint their nails. Why? Because To Be Frank is finally available at a massive retailer, spreading the word that the best nail polish has no gender. Screw you, gender norms!

The SPY team has written about the best nail polish for men for years, and we’ve been known to engage in the occasional manicure for our readers. From women’s focused brands like Essie to up-and-coming men’s beauty companies backed by celebs like Harry Styles, we know this space better than most.

Which is why we’re excited to see this up-and-coming brand breaking through.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


To Be Frank is a gender non-binary nail polish brand that creates eco-friendly formulas for anyone who wants to paint their nails. Whether you’re the class cheerleader, the varsity football player or the non-binary artist, To Be Frank is a brand that transcends femininity and masculinity, making it acceptable for everyone to paint their nails. Ultimately, this is the nail polish to match any unisex look.

To Be Frank nail polish uses super rich, non-toxic, cruelty-free pigmentation for colors that hold their ground on your nail. In our experience, To Be Frank lasts a lot longer than traditional nail polish brands. In addition, the larger, tire-like lid makes this polish extremely easy to open. Big hands, fear less!

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Courtesy of To Be Frank

As mentioned, Urban Outfitters is now carrying the gender-free nail polish brand, which is extremely exciting news. Right now, you can find several fun colors at Urban Outfitters. Pick up “Black Like My Soul,” one of the deepest blacks we’ve ever seen, or try a vibrant yellow that Too Be Frank calls “Sunny AF.”

Ready to paint your nails? Look no further than To Be Frank at Urban Outfitters, retailing now for $14.