Foot Favors: These Gel Heel Socks Treat Dry, Cracked Skin

The Best Gel Heel Socks to
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* Cracked, dry heels are a common problem for many adults
* These heel socks treat the source of the problem, without any medication needed
* Many can be worn under traditional socks to work, events, or at night while you sleep

Whether you’re getting ready for the Summer beach and pool parties that will have your feet on display, or you’re looking to make your walk to work a little more comfortable, these heel socks are designed to treat all manner of dry, cracked heels. If you suffer from this problem, you’re not alone – an estimated 20% of adults in the USA suffer from cracked skin on their heels. While there are a variety of issues that can be the source of cracked heels, the most common is a simple lack of moisture, as the skin around your heel has a small number of sweat glands when compared to the rest of your body. Another common issue is lack of sufficient vitamins, and many of these heel socks target both of these issues, providing you with both the supplements and hydration you need to treat your heels in the comfort of your home.

1. Foot Compression Sock Sleeves for Men

Made from a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastic, these breathable compression socks are comfortable as well as supportive. They are also ergonomic, fitting comfortably to your foot and under your day socks, providing maximum support to your heel.

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2. Moisturizing Socks Cracked Heel Treatment

These socks are packed with Vitamin E, as well as moisturizing oils that are blended to help target dry, cracked heels. As they are open toed, they can comfortably be warn under any standard pair of socks for day use, or overnight by themselves for added restoration while you sleep. Each pack comes with three pairs.

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3. Protle Foot Socks

This adapted sock model by Protle features padded inserts made from silicone gel, each providing a supportive base for your heel. They are made using 3D weaving technology, so that along with giving you great, lasting support, they also have extra breathability and elasticity. Walk – and heal – in comfort.

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