Remove Unwanted Hair With the Best Home Waxing Kits

best waxing kits
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Waxing kits are a great way to reap the long-lasting benefits of professional waxing in the comfort of your own home. Suitable for both men and women, these easy-to-use, professional-grade sets come with everything needed to provide a spa-like experience without ever having to step foot in one.

Below are some great waxing kits that include the essentials such as wax, waxing sticks, gloves, pre- and post-spray, gloves and even protective rings. The warmers have easily adjustable knobs with a wide range of accurate temperatures for quick wax meltdown and they will melt almost all types of waxes. There is even a digital version that displays its exact temperature to ensure your wax is at the ideal temperature before application.

With these kits, you will be able to wax almost anywhere including your face, back, bikini line, legs, and arms, easily and comfortably.  Lastly, the provided wax is made from natural formulas that won’t stick to your skin, only to the designated hair, which results in a more efficient and painless hair removal experience.

1. Yeelen Waxing Kit

Yeelen Waxing Kit includes a wax warmer, removable aluminum waxing pot, four packs of hard wax beans to wax different areas of the body, large and small wax applicators, and pre- and post-spray bottles. The included wax beads are specially formulated to minimize inflammation and irritation with natural ingredients.

Pros: A detailed manual and step by step instructions with custom tips are also included.

Cons: No digital display of temperature.

waxing kit Tress Wellness Courtesy of Amazon

2. Lansley Waxing Kit

The Lansley Waxing Kit offers a set of waxing essentials including a large capacity electric wax warmer, 20 applicator sticks for safe application, three packs of aloe wax beans, one pack of jasmine hard wax, and post-waxing oil.  Additionally, the specially formulated melted hard waxing beans act like shrink-wrap on the hair and lets you extract hairs from the roots.

Pros: This wax formula allows you to you to wax facial hair like eyebrows, as well as knuckles, and Brazilian area(s).

Cons: Other kits on our list have more amounts of products.

Lansley waxing kit Amazon

3. BELLA VERDE Home Wax Kit

This waxing kit from BELLA VERDE is a gentle kit with a natural formula designed to be safe and effective on all different areas of the body. The gentler method is designed to grab more hair with each pull, and the thinner spatulas make it easier to work on smaller areas of the body. The wax warmer offers temperatures between 160-240 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a durable construction designed to be flameless. The kit comes with a 17oz capacity as well as 20 applicator sticks, and five packs of hard wax beads as well as pre and after waxing oil.

Pros: Gentle formula that’s designed to not irritate, durable and flameless warmer that’s safe to have around the house.

Cons: This waxer may be more difficult than others to clean up, and therefore isn’t recommended for beginners.

bella verde waxing kit, home waxing kits Courtesy of Amazon

4. Tress Wellness Wax Warmer

Tress Wellness’ wax warmer is designed to be used easily and efficiently at home. The kit comes with five bean bags with meltable wax, 20 waxing sticks, ten sticks made exclusively for waxing eyebrows, a pre and post wax spray to avoid irritation, ten pairs of gloves and five protective rings. The wax formula is designed to go on smooth, minimize irritation and be suitable for a variety of skin types. Their digital heater displays the exact temperature with a range of 86-257°F, and the wax included has a low melting point so it doesn’t require intense heat to be usable.

Pros: Low melting temperature for the wax, easy application, included wax sticks and easy-to-read wax warmer.

Cons: The wax may be harder to grip onto once on skin than other brands.

tress wellness wax warmer, home waxing kits Courtesy of Amazon

5. Maxpearl Wax Kit

This waxing kit from Maxpearl is perfect for beginners just getting the hang of waxing at home. It’s a hard waxing kit, meaning the wax hardens on your skin and you peel it off on its own without a fabric strip or waxing stick. The kit comes with 14.1 ounces of hard wax beans as well as 20 applicator sticks, and ten rubber fingers. The wax beans the kit comes with are made with 100% natural, gentle ingredients — formulated to prevent skin from getting irritated or reactive. This electric wax warmer also has an auto-off function to keep the wax at a controlled temperature throughout the day. The wax also takes less heat to melt than other brands, and the wax warmer housing has heat-resistant materials built in to prevent overheating.

Pros: Auto-off feature for safety, natural wax formula designed to not irritate, comes with everything beginners need to get started.

Cons: The pot rotates inside the heating chamber which can make it difficult to stir without burning your fingers.

maxpearl wax kit, home waxing kits Courtesy of Amazon