Remove Unwanted Hair in the Comfort of Your Home With These Superb Waxing Kits

waxing kits
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Waxing kits are a great way to reap the long-lasting benefits of professional waxing in the comfort of your own home. Suitable for both men and women, these easy-to-use, professional-grade sets come with everything needed to provide a spa-like experience without ever having to step foot in one.

Below are some great waxing kits that include the essentials such as wax, waxing sticks, gloves, pre- and post-spray, gloves and even protective rings. The warmers have easily adjustable knobs with a wide range of accurate temperatures for quick wax meltdown and they will melt almost all types of waxes. There is even a digital version that displays its exact temperature to ensure your wax is at the ideal temperature before application.

With these kits, you will be able to wax almost anywhere including your face, back, bikini line, legs, and arms, easily and comfortably.  Lastly, the provided wax is made from natural formulas that won’t stick to your skin, only to the designated hair, which results in a more efficient and painless hair removal experience.


1. Vertebeauty Waxing Kit

The Vertebeauty Wax Kit offers a set of waxing essentials including a large capacity electric wax warmer, 20 applicator sticks for safe application, four packs of lavender-scented hard wax beans and post-waxing oil. This easy-to-use warmer can melt up to 17 ounces of hard wax beans with an easily adjustable temperature gauge that helps melt them quickly. Additionally, the specially formulated melted hard waxing beans won’t stick to your skin, only to the hair, allowing for a more efficient and painless process.

Pros: This wax formula provides gentler hair removal and comes with thinner spatulas so you can now wax the eyebrow and Brazillian area(s).

Cons: It is recommended to work fast when using this wax as it may harden and become stringy.

waxing kit Vertebeauty Courtesy of Amazon


2. Tress Wellness Digital Pro Home Waxing Kit

The Home Waxing Kit by Tress Wellness includes a digital wax warmer, removable aluminum waxing pot, five packs of hard wax beans in different scents, a set of gloves, large and small wax applicators, and pre- and post-spray bottles. The reliable digital display tells you the warmer’s temperature so you know exactly when your wax is ready and the included wax beads are specially formulated to minimize inflammation and irritation with natural ingredients.

Pros: A detailed manual and step by step instructions with custom tips are also included.

Cons: There is no automatic shutoff function.

waxing kit Tress Wellness Courtesy of Amazon


3. Yoursmart Hair Removal Waxing Kit

The Yoursmart Wax Warmer Kit comes with hard wax beans, 20 applicator sticks and is made of high-quality, non-flammable materials. The wax beans are made from 100% natural ingredients that quickly melt to remove unwanted hair and the warmer comes with an adjustable thermostat control knob with a wide range of accurate temperatures for a quick wax meltdown.

Pros: The warmer comes with an automatic shutoff button for safety.

Cons: On occasion, the wax beads do not melt properly.

waxing kit Yoursmart Courtesy of Amazon