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5 Skin Care Products To Steal From Your Girlfriend’s Drawer

* New products from New York-based beauty brand, WinkyLux
* All products are free from parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates and animal testing
* Because primer isn’t just something you spray on a car

When it comes to skin care, guys have a lot to learn from females. Actually, this is true about a lot of things, but the realm of beauty routines can really seem like arcane sorcery to a lot of us, especially those of us whose “skin care” routine used to consist entirely of shaving and sometimes dabbing with Kleenex once or twice if we cut ourselves.

So why not take a few skin care and self-care pointers from those who may have literally been doing this every day since they were teenagers? After all, if you were trying to pick up a new hobby and you lived with someone who’d practiced it for a thousand hours, you’d be a fool not to seek their guidance.

We found 5 kinds of skin care products from New York-based beauty brand, WinkyLux. Aside from their super sleek packaging, the brand is known for their commitment to cruelty-free products, making highly effective formulas without any parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates and animal testing.

They may look a little girly, but these products provide real results – and should be added to your daily routine. They’re so good, you could steal them from your girlfriend’s drawer. Just ask her first, so it’s cute and not weird.

1. Eyebrow Pencil

Do you have eyebrows? Do you want them to look good? Then it’s worth looking into one of these. Just make sure to get some instructions in how to use it. You want to gently swipe these along your brows to take the ends and to keep them groomed and an even shade. You don’t want to use this to over-sculpt or create a unibrow.

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Courtesy Winky Lux


2. Bronzer

A bronzer works by building up layers, allowing you to seamlessly or brazenly add contour and just a little bit of definition. This one also smells like coffee. For guys, bronzer is an easy hack to look a little tan (which makes you look slimmer and more defined).

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Courtesy Winky Lux


3. Primer

Primer is sort of what it sounds like: a matte finish layer that can go on underneath other, shiner layers. Done right, it subtly boosts your complexion and helps make your skin look fresh, clean and normal even in the merciless eye of a full-frame digital camera. Pro tip: don’t apply it like paint primer on a car.

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Courtesy Winky Lux


4. Gelee

This is a type of skin-hydrating gel that’s designed to help you stay looking younger while avoiding breakouts. It’s virtually a must for those of us at that strangely unfair age where we start to think about fine lines while still also getting acne. This particular one is vegan and paraben-free, and includes ingredients with actual benefits, like caffeine, which is surprisingly effective at combating oxidative damage to skin. Use it in the morning to hydrate your skin, or slab some on at night to nourish your dermis while you sleep.

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Courtesy Winky Lux


5. Under Eye Concealer

One of the Winky Lux stand outs is the under-eye concealer, which is great for when you’ve stayed up all night working on your very manly screenplay, installing new bushings on your track car or, you know, staring moodily out the window like Don Draper. This one comes in five different shades to match your skin tone. Dab it under your eyes to hide dark circles and bags; pick a shade closest to your actual skin color and people will be none the wiser.

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